Vote: Extending Your Workflow With State Machine

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Fredric Mitchel has proposed Extending Your Workflow with State Machine for DrupalCon Denver:

This session dives into State Machine, a class that makes it easy to build a custom workflow in code and was instrumental in setting up the workflow for the Drupal 7 implementation of

Content publishing workflows have come a long way, especially in Drupal 7. Modules like Workbench provide robust, out-of-the-box solutions to manage this process.

What if you want to export that workflow?

What if you have multiple environments and want to easily export those complicated workflows?

What if you want to use an API to create custom events and states?

This session will also highlight it's included counterpart, State Flow, which provides a base workflow for developers to build from.

Adopting the philosophy of building an API first, State Machine and State Flow make it easier to troubleshoot issues, export to different environments, and enables developers to tie other great modules, like Rules and Notifications, into their implementation.

If you're interested in this session, please vote on it. And if you have comments or questions regarding the proposed session, please comment below. Even if it isn't accepted at DrupalCon Denver, Fredric may be presenting it elsewhere.