Vote: BEANs (Block Entities) for Themers, Site Builders and Editors

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Tim Cosgrove

has proposed BEANs (Block Entities) for Themers, Site Builders and Editors for DrupalCon Denver:

BEANs, or Block Entities, are a powerful new tool for giving your users the ability to create their own blocks quickly and easily. BEANs do this with tools that users understand and can use without site builder or developer intervention. This can be combined with other modules to allow users to create pages that are modular, dynamic, and completely under their control.

In this session we will go over what the BEAN module is, how site builders can create new BEAN types in the admin, and how to theme them. We will also discuss modules that work well together with BEAN, and look at strategies for building pages with beans. The audience for this session includes themers, site builders, and producers.

If you're interested in this session, please vote on it. And if you have comments or questions regarding the proposed session, please comment below. Even if it isn't accepted at DrupalCon Denver, Tim may be presenting it elsewhere and we value your feedback.