Visual Dimensions: A Vodcast Series Exploring Data Viz and Interactives

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist

Did you know 90% of data in the world was created in the last 2 years?!

Which lead us to ask, how do we use this data and share it in a meaningful way with each other?

It’s no secret that communicating data visually can be an incredibly powerful tool to provide context, insight, and meaning. But how do we create these visualizations and interactive stories in a way that actually tells a story? And what are the best strategies, current trends, and useful resources for visually communicating complex data relationships?

These are the questions that got Brandon Morrison and I thinking about the need for an open forum to discuss the latest strategies and tools for developing visualizations and interactive experiences. Our hope is that by providing a space for conversation, knowledge sharing, and community, we can make advances in data visualization and interactives - even if those advances just come in the form of creative ideas and new insights.

And thus the idea for Visual Dimensions was born! It's a monthly video podcast series featuring leading data visualization experts discussing current projects, best practices, and strategies.


We are so excited to have Rob Simmon, Art Director for NASA’s Earth Observatory, joining  Brandon and I to kick off our first vodcast next week! We will discuss Rob’s strategies and best practices for developing visualizations for NASA.  From color usage, to image choice, to use of symbols in mapping, Rob will take us through his tried and tested process for visually communicating data about our world. We hope you will join in this month's Visual Dimensions vodcast: "It’s Not Rocket Science! Creating NASA's Data Visualizations," on February 20th at 11AM EST.

How do you register for this month's Visual Dimensions vodcast? Right here!

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist