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UI Design Podcast: Layout Grids and Our Grid System
July 22, 2020 |

Whether you’re a UI Designer, a Developer or simply someone that has an appreciation for quality digital experiences, this podcast should be valuable to you! At Phase2, we pride ourselves not only in WHAT we produce but also HOW we produce it. Simply being masters of a craft is not enough. We want to be curious along the way and continually ask WHY and HOW we work together and communicate more efficiently, ultimately facilitating continual professional development.

Listen in and hear from our host and UI Designer, Melinda Lease, as she interviews our leader of Visual and UI Design, Joey Groh, and one of our Senior Front-End Developers, Jeff Wax, speak about their experience with layout and grids and our own custom grid system. Be sure to tune into our other episodes of this mini-series as well!

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User Interface Design

Melinda is a UI Designer at Phase2 with years of varied experience, including training, project management, customer service and graphic design. She illustrates her empathy for users and drive to solve problems by playing a valuable part of making user experiences useful, usable and delightful. 

User Interface Design

Joey, a lifelong artist, is the Director of Design at Phase2. He has a passion -- and a knack -- for making things people love to use. With more than 20 years of experience in design and development, Joey takes a holistic approach to design, utilizing a deep skill set to work with a client’s brand and craft something truly unique and meaningful.

User Interface Design

Jeff has been working in the web development field since 2010, ranging on things from NodeJS apps to PHP-based e-commerce sites to flat HTML brochure sites. As a senior developer in the Front End practice he touches everything from SCSS, theming, Javascript, and as much Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) as he can handle.

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