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Top 5 Trends in Customer Engagement (WEBINAR)

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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Last week Phase2 and Acquia joined forces to host a webinar on optimizing customer engagement with the latest community support site trends. Today’s consumers demand seamless, helpful, and empathetic interactions with customer support. If a user has a negative experience with your support platform, they’ll remember it (and tell all of their friends about it!), ultimately damaging your brand reputation and impeding your customer  acquisition and retention goals.

You can find a summary of the top trends below, and be sure to check out how leading tech and Media companies like Pinterest and Reddit are leveraging these trends to optimize their customer experiences in the full webinar recording:

Access the recording: Leveraging Community Support Trends to Optimize the Customer Experience

1. Your Customer Support Is No Longer Just a Cost Center

With the changes in customer behavior and expectations, an effective community support site can give your organization the competitive edge against the crowded tech software marketplace. Brand equity and trust are validated by customer conversations, reviews, and referrals, and the best way to leverage these for brand awareness and revenue is by nurturing them and delivering the best support and community site experience possible as a piece of your larger brand experience. In our recent webinar we break down the different tactics to boost customer engagement on your support sites.

2. Self-service support is expected

70% of consumers expect a company’s website to include a self-service application. Customers would prefer to solve problems and find answers to their questions without the need to engage with a service rep. This growing trends means that a well designed user experience and search interface is critical to customer satisfaction. A platform optimized for self-service can lower your support costs as well.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about how self service lowered support costs for Reddit and Pinterest.

3. Your Support Site Should Be Part of Your Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

Customers expect a consistent experience throughout all brand touchpoints including your community support sites.  Customer support should be easy to access with seamless navigation across devices and channels.

As new channels emerge like chatbots and voice technology, an API-first approach to your customer community platform architecture empowers you to integrate and test new channels to engage your audience. If you are interested in learning  more about platform architecture strategies and how API driven architectures can help you scale for future site functionality and integrations, be sure to check out the full  webinar recording linked below.

4. Consolidate Customer and Support Agent Content

Let’s face it, community support sites are often the neglected stepchild of an organization’s digital ecosystem, but properly structured content architecture is critical to delivering the best customer experience possible. Agents need seamless access to documentation and support content just as users do, in order to provide fast and relevant support. Our recent webinar covers best of breed content management strategies to provide a consolidated single source of truth for both users and agents.  

5. Develop Data Driven Customer Experiences

The final trend we discuss in our webinar is the practice of user data aggregation and use of customer activity and site analytics to prove ROI and improve the customer experience on  support sites. Marketing automation tools like Acquia Lift can help you track activity patterns and preferences, providing you with more information than ever on the habits and needs of your customers. Leverage this data to deliver targeted content and user experience to build a loyal community of customers.

Learn more about these trends and what you can do to harness the changes in consumer behavior to boost your customer engagement with your brand! Watch the webinar to learn the actionable steps you can implement to take to scale your customer community for success!

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist