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Take Steps NYC Fundraiser
May 14, 2019 |

[This post is part of a multi-city volunteer program for Take Steps to help find a cure for Crohn's and Colitis, both IBD diseases that affect millions of Americans. Take Steps by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation is so meaningful for our agency family & we’re walking for treatment, research & life-giving patient programs.]

When I started working for Phase2, I believed that I was coming to work for a software technology company. My perception changed almost immediately when one of the first emails in my inbox was the announcement of a new app we launched for the United Nations: Humanitarian.ID.

The story around the app was not about integrating databases or using the newest version of Angular. Instead, it was about the life-changing impact of this app; we created a groundbreaking contact management system that would alleviate many long-standing problems plaguing disaster relief efforts globally.

It was about technology that could save lives.

Right away, I knew my job was not just about day-to-day technology—it was much more about technology as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Fast forward four years, I have an even greater emotional connection to both the work we do as a digital agency and among my colleagues. That emotional connection surfaces often and yesterday was one of the most impactful of my days at Phase2.

Along with a few colleagues and supported by many more, I took part in Take Steps NYC, a fundraiser to support the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s mission. The Foundation is one of Phase2’s clients, one whose mission is very near and dear to my own heart.

I walked to remember a friend. I walked to remember that the work we are doing for this client isn’t squarely about cool web design, or system integrations, or new personalization technologies. It has all of those things...but more-so the work is about helping people. The product we build and launch is going to help this amazing Foundation fulfill its mission by helping its community of patients, donors, researchers, and caregivers better understand and work towards a cure for IBDs, a category of auto-immune diseases that currently does not have a cure.

To many, a job is a job. To me, the people I interface with on a daily basis and the organization I support through my own time and effort are an integral piece of my life. At Phase2, I feel like I am part of something much bigger. Here, I feel that that technology not only enables digital experiences, but that technology also brings people together—and in fact, unites us.

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