Ready, Set, Go! Spin Up An Omega Layout in 45 Minutes Flat!

Joshua Turton, Senior Developer
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Last night I presented at the SFDUG Meetup (you can find my slides on the Phase2 slideshare). There were some great questions and Drupal theming discussion at the end of my presentation. Here are a few of those questions that came up, as well as the answers:

Q: How does Omega compare to a simpler Drupal theme in terms of performance?

A: There are trade-offs as with anything. Phase2 has used Omega for a number of large site projects including and  There are scaling concerns with any complexity in a system but it is by no means a road block.

Q:  Is Delta only used for Omega?

A: Delta was made by the same people who wrote Omega, so this will be your best compatibility, but it is compatible with other themes as well.

Q:  Can we use custom grid systems with Omega 3?

A: Yes, you can. You have to write some custom code to handle compatibility.  There is documentation you can refer to if you interested in trying it out.


To experience the full session experience, check out this recording of my session:

Omega from Download to Layout from Phase2 on Vimeo.

Thanks to the San Francisco Drupal Users Group for inviting me to talk!


Joshua Turton

Joshua Turton

Senior Developer