Re-Introducing Alexandria Code & Coffee

Re-Introducing Alexandria Code & Coffee

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
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Sometimes, the best way to participate in the open source community is getting out from behind your screen. In-person meetups and events can bolster connections, provide ongoing support, and help individuals build skills (both hard and soft!). Since re-locating to the DC metro area, I’ve become an active member of the local community, diving into everything from NodeDC, NOVA Node, and  NodeSchool DC, to AlterConf,  to the React DC meetup. So, when I heard about the opportunity to help re-instate Alexandria Code & Coffee, I jumped at the chance.

[caption id="attachment_16409" align="aligncenter" width="600"]7752617662_753ccf22cc_o Drupal Play Days at Phase2[/caption]

While living in New York I was a co-organizer of the Drupal Play Days. I would describe this as a break/fix meetup, where folks could find assistance, or be willing to assist others in need, with personal projects. The goals of  the Alexandria Code & Coffee meetup are similar to what I was doing in NYC - except technology agnostic. In 2015 Glenn Espinosa started the meetup aiming to establish a free, informal co-working session for like-minded technologists. This is touted as a meetup to socialize, work, and network with other technology enthusiasts. Whether they’re building an app, writing a blog, going through programming exercises, or just getting started, everyone is welcome and all activity is self-organized.

Earlier this month, Sean McBeth sent a message to the meetup group’s membership looking for support to get the group up and running again. I volunteered Phase2 headquarters to serve as the new, interim meeting place. Phase2 will provide the space and coffee; the community will supply the ideas, expertise, and collaborative spirit. The first meeting of Code & Coffee 2.0 is this Saturday, February 13th, from 9am to 12pm, after which we’ll resume meeting at the Motley Fool on Duke Street.


It’s pretty obvious that I’m a big believer in these kinds of informal, personal get-togethers. They’re an awesome forum for bringing technologists together to ask questions, lend support, and learn something new - and that’s really what the open source ethos is all about. Aside from that there’s an individual incentive. By becoming a part of your local community, you become a valued member of the community and this helps you level up your skills and the esteem of the community.  An amazing side effect of joining technology communities and participating increases your marketability for jobs and promotions. It’s a win-win.Now that you have joined this amazing local technology community, make sure that you keep in touch between meetups and events. The DCTech stack group is the online home for ALL of the DC Metro area technology communities, no matter what the language or framework. This is a great avenue for connecting with local technologists - including event organizers like Sean McBeth or me. Hope to meet you in person at local events, chat with you in our digital community, or online via Twitter!

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst