Putting People First

Putting People First

There has been a lot of discussion of late about the significance of “company culture” to growing organizations. Like any ambiguous, overworked industry term, “culture” means different things to different people. In his widely-read piece “Don’t F--- Up the Culture,” Brian Chesky of Airbnb described culture as “a shared way of doing something with passion.” I agree with Brian that passion and values are an inherent part of what builds an organization’s culture. But I believe he missed a key element that sets great cultures apart from the rest.

Putting People first.

More than products, services, sales, or projects - Phase2’s People with a capital P are valued most highly here. Allowing everything we do to stem from this core principle has not only helped us to grow as a company, but enhanced the way we interact, supercharged our entrepreneurial spirits, and encouraged general well-being and comradery. In short, we’ve built a People-focused culture.


This year, we made a purposeful change to Phase2’s executive team to ensure our company’s leadership reflects the high value we place on our People. With the introduction of my new role as EVP of People, we sent a message that our employees not only have a dedicated department to support them, but also that Phase2’s leaders recognize, reward, and celebrate the success of our People, individually and collectively. The response from our team has been fantastic.

So, how does an organization create a People-focused culture?

Fostering an environment of open communication, inclusivity, and respect for everyone’s roles, talents and ideas is a great place to start. Showing appreciation and emphasizing team bonding at get-togethers is also highly valued here. But there is still always work to be done to truly put People first, starting with clearing the way for your staff to grow. Through professional development opportunities, internal P2U courses, and career planning services, we strive to encourage and support our people to reach their full potential. We’re always looking for new ways to help our People succeed.


Whether it’s launching a website, stepping out onto the field for the championship game, or simply enjoying some well-deserved down time, who you surround yourself with matters. In the end, the most important things in life, play, and work all come down to the People beside you. This idea is second-nature when it comes to our personal lives; extending it to the workplace is the logical route to amazing work and enthusiastic, fulfilled employees. The task of company leadership - and what we at Phase2 have endeavored to do - is to acknowledge this priority by putting our People first.

 How does your organization put People first? Share them below! We’re always looking for new ways to help our People succeed.

Michael Caccavano