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Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
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At the Red Hat Summit this April, we were thrilled to announce the launch of the  OpenShift Origin community site using Open Atrium in partnership with OpenShift. Open Atrium is a social collaboration Drupal distribution architected and maintained by Phase2. As the first Drupal site to launch on OpenShift Origin, we were excited to develop this proof of concept and lead the way for Drupal development using OpenShift Origin as a Platform as a Service(PaaS) application. I recently caught up with Diane Mueller, OpenShift Origin’s Community Manager, to get the scoop on how they are using Open Atrium to promote collaboration within the OpenShift community.

Q: What is the mission of the OpenShift Origin Site and what role does collaboration play?

A: OpenShift has multiple communities of users ranging from PaaS administrators who need to connect and collaborate on the best practices for deploying and managing OpenShift; developers building applications that leverage OpenShift’s architectural model; cartridge builders who are extending the OpenShift ecosystem with new pluggable cartridges for a myriad of languages, frameworks, databases and other services; and hosting providers deploying OpenShift on their clouds as a public offerings. Each of these unique communities bring different perspectives, different use cases, and different levels of expertise. As you can expect, there’s a lot of cross-pollination and collaboration that goes on in this complex ecosystem of an open source project which helps inform the project’s direction and shape our community’s road map.

Q: What were the challenges and needs for the OpenShift Origin site? Why did you choose Open Atrium to address them?

A: Open Atrium gives us room to grow. It has a robust functionality and a project management aspect that a vanilla CMS just couldn’t provide for us. As a technology-oriented community, it’s essential that we have the ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Q: Was using an open source platform an important factor in choosing a website software? If so why?

A: Well, we’re Red Hat so, of course, open source is important to us. We sponsor over 100,000+ open source projects and OpenShift is just one of them. As the community manager, it was important that we walk the talk. I believe it’s important to have collaboration across open source communities in order to move code forward. We’re happy to be working with the Drupal and Open Atrium communities and to be driving OpenShift to be a first-class host for all flavors of Drupal.

Q:What is the most useful feature in Open Atrium for your collaboration needs?

A: I have been finding the “Sections” metaphor most useful when dividing up responsibilities amongst the various content creators for the Origin site. We’re able to easily give control over to different content editors and creators. They, in turn, are empowered to have more creative freedom. As the webmaster of the site, I know that their changes won’t interfere with the rest of the site.

Q: How do you see your site evolving or maturing going forward with Open Atrium?

A: We’ll be moving the full technical documentation set over to Open Atrium soon and bring that aspect of the project more front and center on the site. We’re also reaching out to our global community. We hope to have the Latin America and EMEA content sections integrated in the near future.


This is all very exciting Diane! Thanks so much for catching up with us on all the OpenShift Origin community development powered by Open Atrium.  We’re are thrilled to be OpenShift partners and to introduce the OpenShift Origin community to Open Atrium. We look forward to seeing how this project grows and scales as a hub for open source collaboration!  Are you heading to DrupalCon Austin? Don’t miss Diane Mueller and our own Steven Merrill presenting a session on OpenShift and Drupal! Meanwhile, learn more about Phase2’s partnership and open source collaboration work with OpenShift.


Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst