Phase2's DrupalCon Portland Top Session Picks

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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Are you ready to DrupalCon Portland style? Here at Phase2 we are anxiously waiting to hear which sessions get accepted, while we dust off all of our organic cotton shirts with birds on them and study up on local Portland micro-brews.

With about 600 sessions submitted to DrupalCon Portland, deciding which sessions to comment on is no easy task. After polling Phase2’s DrupalCon enthusiasts, I have created a list of the Phase2 top 10 session picks of 2013. This list is a mix of Phase2 sessions and also sessions from the Drupal Communtiy that we are really stoked about.

Check out these awesome sessions, and be sure to add a comment if you would like to see them too!

1. Weathering Storms: How The Robin Hood Foundation Uses Drupal to Fight Poverty in NYC

Speakers: Molly Byrnes, Steven Merrill, Brian McMurray, John Robert Wilson, and Heather Johnson

When Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas are helping you promote your Sandy Hurricane Relief Campaign, you can’t get bogged down with website troubles. See how Phase2 and Robin Hood Foundation created elegant and effective Drupal web solutions.

2. Different Ways to Control Your Layout

Speakers: Kris Vanderwater, Kristof De Jaeger, Chris Johnson, Matt Cheney, and Neil Hastings

When Drupal rock stars come together, great things happen. You won’t want to miss these leading Drupal layout experts discussing the different ways to layout your site, and the benefits of each solution.

3. Flexing Your Ecommerce Muscles Using Rules

Speaker: Josh Miller

We are as excited for Josh’s ecommerce presentation as his Q&A discussion at the end. Josh has a wealth of knowledge about ecommerce in Drupal and we can’t wait to pick his mind!

4. Developing Plugins For Open Atrium 2.0

Speaker: Mike Potter

Learn what’s new with Open Atrium and how you can use the new and improved Open Atrium to easily add new functionality and integrate with other systems.

5. Large Scale Drupal, Open Source for Enterprise

Speaker: Michael Meyers

It is more important than ever to learn about the needs of the biggest companies using Drupal. Learn from Michael Myers how we can move forward with Drupal enterprise development.

6. Dungeons & Dragons &Drupal: A Look at Real-World, Complex Data Management Problems

Speaker: Tobby Hagler

Tobby Hagler makes structured data and content strategy fun and approachable with his example of Dungeons and Dragons. Tobby Hagler is a DrupalCon vetran, you won’t want to miss this!

7. The Fight Against Divitus

Speaker: Dan Mouyard

This should be a great session for all the advanced Drupalers. Let’s talk markup in Drupal 7!

8. Should Have Made a Left Turn at Albuquerque: A Panel Discussion on the Challenges of Building/ Incorporating Geographic Data in Drupal

Speakers: Brandon Morrison, Patrick Hayes, Josef Dabernig, Pol Dell'Aiera, Tom Nightingale, and Nate Parsons

You really can’t miss the opportunity to learn about mapping in Drupal from some of the lead Drupal mapping experts around. Learn about mapping efforts to date and what’s on the horizon for Drupal 8.

9. Platform is Prologue: Fueling Innovation and Mobile on Energy.Gov

Speakers: Kellye Rogers, Josh Turton and Rob Roberts.

Learn how created an innovative responsive solution and avoided having to wait for a complete redesign.

10. Drupal M&A: Under the Covers

Speakers: Vesa Palmul, Jeff Walpole, Fred Plais, and Michael Caccavano

The leaders from some of Drupal’s most talked about mergers, reveal how they have successfully navigated their company’s merge and the unique challenges with M&A in the services industry.

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist