Phase2's 2016 DrupalCon Lineup: Get Pumped!

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
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Well, DrupalCon has come and gone – but you can still watch all our awesome sessions online! We were excited to be represented on several session tracks this year. Here’s a rundown of what we presented in New Orleans.nola logoBusinessCEO Jeff Walpole is kicked off the Business track with his session, “Ask Not What Open Source Can Do for You...But What You Can Do for Open Source.”  Jeff discussed the organizations  that truly embrace open source, their leadership principles, their community practices, and how they make open source part of their everyday work, culture, and mission. His point: It's not enough to choose to use open source anymoreit is time for organizations to step into the center of the community to contribute, drive innovation, and lead.17277459586_f232358992_kAs part of the Business Showcase, Steven Merrill was joined by Major League Soccer to present, “How MLS Scores Superior Digital Experiences with Enterprise Drupal.” In this case study session, attendees learned how Phase2 and MLS migrated 25 club sites onto a high performance Drupal platform while maintaining their existing legacy sites. If you’re interested in best practices for executing autoscaling to automatically handle traffic spikes, this is not a session to miss.Project ManagementScope management is critical to the success of software development effortsa delicate dance of listening, reframing and striving for creative communication. Throwing Drupal 8 into the mix provides an opportunity to talk about scope in a whole new way. Molly Byrnes and Ellie Power, two of Phase2’s best PM’s, dove into this sometimes messy topic at their session,“Scopey Changey Management in Drupal 8.”17023529553_a8078d3299_o-1024x682DevOpsAlways a DrupalCon favorite, Director of DevOps, Steven Merrill, spoke about immutable infrastructure. His session, “Loft Your Web Platform into the Clouds with Immutable Infrastructure,” covered setting a build process to produce machine images (e.g. AMIs) or Docker images, how to handle horizontal autoscaling of Docker containers in production using Kubernetes, and our process for implementing these solutions for major media companies and sports leagues.User Experience (UX)What if there were economical ways of creating an accessible site? David Spira and Catharine McNally presented on the benefits and challenges of accessibility. Attendees emerged with a playbook full of guardrails to easily maximize the accessibility of their Drupal 8 sites. Check out: “Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8: Practical, Compassionate, and Cost Effective.”16683170693_2fedffbc70_kSeveral Phase2 speakers also presented on design systems at this year’s DrupalCon. First was Micah Godbolt, who presented “Road Runner Rules: More What You’d Call Guidelines for Design Systems.” Micah pulled wisdom from two years of creating a design systems to explain his “Road Runner Rules,” which influence every piece of code he writes. He covered topics like atomic modular design, element queries, style guides, pattern libraries, and more.17680458829_c386b0e237_kIf that sounds interesting, go ahead and add “Wireframes to Widgets: Using Paragraphs and Prototyping Tools to Create a Collaborative Design Process” to your roster as well. Front-End Lead Chris Bloom and Senior Experience Analyst Chris Wright revealed the principles of collaborative design methodology, including creating a design workflow suited for your current tools, incorporating Drupal 8’s theming tools into your workflow, and how to sell prototyping to clients, project managers, and other stakeholders.BOFsIn addition to our sessions, you Phase2 gave two BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions: a more informal style of presentation and discussion). On Tuesday, Mike Potter hosted a Features and CMI Q&A session. Mike also held an Open Atrium BOF on Wednesday, giving attendees the chance to have their Atrium questions answered by the project’s Lead Architect!Relive all the DrupalCon awesomeness by watching our sessions online!


Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst