Phase2 Wins 10-Year Web/Mobile Services Contract with the Smithsonian Institution

Phase2 Wins 10-Year Web/Mobile Services Contract with the Smithsonian Institution

Santierra Hutson, Earned Media Specialist
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Washington, D.C., February 18, 2020 - Phase2, a digital experience agency, was recently awarded a 10-year, Web/Mobile service contract with the Smithsonian Institution. Phase2 is among a select group of partners that was awarded the Web/Mobile Design, Development, and Support Services contract, and will work across the Smithsonian Institution’s digital platform that supports more than 200 public websites across 19 museums, the National Zoo, and several other research centers. 

This multi-service, connected venture-- including user experience, mobile, Drupal development, and accessibility-- touches upon many of the digital experience capabilities Phase2 specializes in. 

“The Smithsonian is one of our country’s most prestigious institutions and we are honored to have been chosen as one of their select partners to improve digital experiences across the organization,” stated Jeff Walpole, Phase2’s Chief Executive Officer when asked about the award. “We’re poised to bring our experience partnering with global brands and public sector organizations to bear for the Smithsonian, along with our shared passion for their mission.” 

Phase2 has transformed digital engagement for a multitude of other public sector entities over the last twenty years. Its current public sector clientele includes the Department of Energy, NASA, IRS, NIH, USAID, EEOC, Fannie Mae, United Nations, and the U.S. Senate. Phase2’s work can also be referenced in numerous commercial and health organizations such as Major League Soccer, Crossfit, Northwell Health, and Johnson and Johnson.  

About Phase2

Phase2 is a digital experience agency moving industry-leading organizations forward with powerful ideas and executable strategies built on open technology. Experts in the complete digital experience, Phase2 provides insights, design and build digital platforms, and enable engagement with target audiences in any channel, on any device. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Arlington, VA, Phase2 also has offices in New York City, Portland, and San Francisco.

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