Phase2 Welcomes Scott Delea of Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency

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We know that today our clients need the trusted open technology expertise and consultation Phase2 has been delivering for more than a decade, and they also need a marketing strategy that helps them use this digital technology to deliver business results. We realize that the pressure for marketing departments to work together with their IT counterparts and deliver digital capabilities is greater than ever.

In response to this, we are incredibly excited to welcome Inflexion Interactive, a New York based digital marketing agency and winner of 23 national and international marketing awards to our team at Phase2. Inflexion’s CEO, Scott Delea has joined Phase2 as the EVP of Marketing based out of our New York City office. Under Scott’s leadership, Inflexion delivered great results for clients like The Gap, Sabra Dipping Company, and the Theatre Development Fund.

As the marketing and IT landscapes continue to evolve, our clients are reimagining the way they do business, improving the way they engage with customers, enhancing how they share their powerful brands, rethinking the patient experience in healthcare, and giving fans the experience they are craving, on and off the field in sports.

Scott and I have talked a lot over the last year about the future of our industry and the changes we see and we have a similar vision for what it will bring. He decided rolling in with a larger tech player made the most sense in order to go to market as a stronger entity. Scott is a seasoned leader in the marketing space and a great asset to our leadership team, and we believe his expertise, passion and marketing savvy will provide Phase2 clients with an even greater level of market insight and customer-centric strategy.

This is another part of our commitment to harnessing the incredible power digital technology offers and providing our collective clients with the high impact services that can help them grow their organizations and drive business - today and into the exciting future ahead.

Read more about Scott, Inflexion Interactive, and Phase2's evolution in our press release. 

Jeff Walpole

Jeff Walpole