Phase2 Taps into Open Source and Serves up Open Atrium 2.0

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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When we found out that this year's DrupalCon would be hosted in Portland, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation for the city. So we created our own little Portland-esque microbrewery in our booth! The Phase2 team opens shop at DrupalCon:


Phase2 group photo at Drupalcon Portland


We had a ton of fun putting our booth presence together and we wanted to acknowledge all the amazing people who helped us along the way. You know you are working on something really special when all the  vendors who have helped you put it together, become lasting friends. We would like to thank the following individuals for all the hard work and heart they have contributed to our booth! Brandi Phipps Brandi is a long time friend and promotional designer of Phase2. This year she really flexed her design muscles and helped us create five amazing beer labels for our T-shirts, beer coasters, and beer taps. As well as our program advertisement and web advertisement. Come admire her designs at our booth today! Gus Hanawalt at Ohana Rentals Gus is a Portland native who is responsible for building our bar and chalkboard, with local reclaimed wood. We are so grateful for all of the hard work and passion he has put into this project.  If you are looking for event rentals or custom exhibits in Portland, Gus is your guy! Jeff Watson at Shop Dog Jeff Watson created our custom carved Phase2 symbol beer tap.  Come by our booth this evening at 5pm and see it in action! Aubrey Cocklin at Consolidus Aubrey helped us coordinate all our marketing material vendors and made sure it all arrived in Portland on time.  A big thank you to Aubrey for the numerous swag samples and always being there for us! The Folks at BassCustom For all our four distribution beer taps, we tip our hats to the friendly folks at Bass Custom.  We had fun creating this twitter vine with our taps as a DrupalCon sneak peak! Gloria Nelson at The Oregon Convention Center Gloria helped us organize our happy hour beer. We are serving Lompoc Imperial Pale Ale this evening, so stop by our booth at 5pm! Drupal Association We can't thank the Drupal Association enough for all the hard work and support they have given us for DrupalCon. Special Thanks to Megan Sanicki, Ruth Fuller and Stephanie Hajj! So what should our booth theme be next year?  Come by our booth and let us know!    

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist