Phase2 Joins Forces with Cycle for Survival

Phase2 Joins Forces with Cycle for Survival

Kira Cypers, Senior Project Manager
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Over the past year, we’ve had the joy of working with Cycle for Survival to update the organization’s digital assets. But there’s more than one way to make an impact, so this weekend we set out to fundraise and participate in a Cycle for Survival team ride in New York City. Needless to say, it was a fun and inspirational event.

Group of Phase2 staff at Cycle for Survival

We invited Brandy Reppy, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Associate Director of Online Operations, to share how digital technology has made an impact on the organization.

What is the Cycle for Survival mission?

Cycle for Survival is the national movement to beat rare cancers. Through a series of indoor team cycling events, Cycle for Survival raises funds that are critical for rare cancer research with 100% of every donation being directly allocated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within six months of the events.

Rare cancer research is drastically underfunded resulting in fewer treatment options for patients. With fewer resources devoted to understanding and treating these diseases, patients face uncertain futures – Cycle for Survival is committed to changing that.

A woman riding at Cycle for Survival holding a sign that says Phase2 rides with MSK

How does digital technology impact your mission?

Fundraising for Cycle for Survival focuses on peer-to-peer interactions. Participants register online for an event and fundraise for their team via the website. Digital technology is pivotal to allowing participants to navigate our website easily during registration and fundraising. Our website also houses critical information for our participants and their donors, so it’s critical that they can access this information seamlessly.

3 Phase2 staff members holding hands at Cycle for Survival

In what ways does Phase2 support CFS in this effort?

With Phase2, Cycle for Survival is able to efficiently manage and update digital assets. These are key resources for our participants and donors – things like updates from around the organization, information on how to get involved, and what we are doing with the funds raised – that need to be easy to access. In working with Phase2, we’ve been able to streamline the process of maintaining these assets and branding elements.

What technical strides have we made together?

With Phase2, we’ve been able to be more efficient with time and resources spent on our digital assets and have been able to quickly manage our content. The major shift has been in having a responsive site (instead of a separate mobile one). This creates one seamless experience across many devices, which allows our visitors to easily access all their information from any browser or device, and allows us to manage one code base.

Kira Cypers

Kira Cypers

Senior Project Manager