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Phase2 Health + Wellness: “What Matters is Health” Campaign Named Best Integrated Campaign by AMA PDX
January 3, 2018 |

Phase2 announced that its “What Matters is Health” campaign has been named the Best Integrated Campaign at AMA PDX’s 2018 Marketing Excellence Awards (MAX), beating out top talent, including The University of Oregon Duck Store, Redhook brewery, and New Seasons Market.

The AMA PDX created their yearly MAX Awards 10 years ago as a way to honor, celebrate and inspire marketing individuals, agencies, organizations, and who have pursued excellence in the field of marketing. They are a way to emphasize prestige, camaraderie and networking within the marketing community.

The award winners are comprised of the top creative and branding minds at Phase2 including: Sedona Rigsby, Lead Designer; Caitlin Loos, Creative Director; and Cara Lemieux, Content Strategist. Campaign strategy was provided by Annie Stone, Stacey Febbraro, and Oliver Tree.

“Breaking through with new audiences takes strategy, creativity, and persistence, and this campaign truly delivered. The result was new business and client partnerships that are paving the way for true transformation in the digital healthcare space,” said Caitlin Loos, Creative Lead at Phase2.

This year's MAX judges included Emily Morton, Group Account Director at CMD Agency; Alicia Nagel, Senior Marketing Strategist at Graybox; Clay Walsh, Marketing Director at FINE; Brent Hieggelke, Head of Marketing at Brandlive; Neil Sniffen, Senior Digital Strategist at Subtext.

"Phase2 exhibited solid user-centric copywriting and overall messaging that was empathetic to user motivations. Great use of stats and infographics, strong B2B stuff here without being boring. Strong design and good continuation of brand visual elements across items – a truly cross media integrated campaign," a judge noted.

The campaign was designed to win new business in healthcare and introduce new audiences to Phase2’s health and wellness expertise. The touchpoints were designed to provide a cohesive and directed experience including a landing page, a series of direct mailers, targeted email, a webinar series, a dimensional mailer, and personalized benchmarking reports to encourage further engagement. The flexible and focused messaging framework used the formula: What Counts is [Patient Engagement, Security, Brand, etc], because What Matters is Health. The dramatic final mailer consisted of a small planter with living plants with the message: What Matters is Health.

Phase2’s Creative and Branding team was honored at an award ceremony on February 7th, 2018.

About Phase2 

Phase2 is a digital agency moving industry-leading organizations forward with powerful ideas and executable strategies. For our Health + Wellness partners, we deliver patient experiences that are frictionless, seamless, and personalized. The team at Phase2 is comprised of experts in marketing, branding, design, digital, and voice that position our clients to engage with their target audiences in any channel, on any device, wherever they may be.

Founded in 2001, Phase2 has offices in Portland, DC, New York City and San Francisco.

About AMA PDX: 

AMA PDX is a local chapter of the national American Marketing Association which serves over 1.2 million marketings and sales professionals, 74 other local chapters and 345 collegiate chapters.

AMA-PDX is a 501(c)3 non-profit and volunteer run organization with the mission to connect, support and empower the Portland marketing community through education and professional development.

To learn more about the AMA visit To learn more about the AMA PDX visit To view all 2018 MAX entries visit

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