Phase2 heads to CMSExpo with the Drupal Publishing Experts

Phase2 heads to CMSExpo with the Drupal Publishing Experts

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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2013-header4Phase2 is heading to CMSExpo next week (May 14-16, Evanston Illinois) to discuss Drupal for media and publishing companies. CMSExpo is a learning and business conference designed to educate people about different kinds of content management systems from both a technical and business standpoint. We are bringing two of our excellent clients, Paul Caluori, Global Director, Digital Services at Associated Press and John Cary, Director of Digital Products at The Nation Magazine, to join us in a panel discussion with our own Felicia Haynes and Josh Caldwell, to talk about publishing sites built in Drupal and to provide advice for other publishing companies considering Drupal as a CMS.

Both The Nation and Associated Press worked with Phase2 to create effective online strategies using Drupal, but these two strategies are very different. The Nation leveraged Drupal for their site to produce extensive custom functionality, whereas Associated Press has used Drupal to display content with custom tools built for ingestion and dynamic listing of content.

Our CMSExpo panel presentation will include discussion around the following  themes:


Flexibility is at the top of every online publishers needs. The ability to deliver content as quickly and efficiently as possible without worrying about back-end functionality is one way Drupal shines in the publishing world.

John Cary will discuss how The Nation’s Drupal site is heavily customized. Specifically The Nation needed several custom solutions to allow them to serve advertisements and integrate with their subscription service for membership and premium content.

Paul Caluori will discuss how Associated Press needed a platform which provides the ability to receive thousands of news stories every hour as well as the ability to provide branded versions of their sites for local affiliates.

Custom Functionality

Both Associated Press and The Nation required extensive custom Drupal functionality. We built an automated content ingestion system for Associated Press for content flow and distribution, giving Associated Press the ability to feed the latest news to all their online news channels.

Drupal plays nice with third party integrations which allows for publishing companies to incorporate the applications and functionality that they need most.  We were able to integrate third party subscription services into The Nation’s cms so they can offer subscription based content.


One of the toughest challenges for online publishers is making web content profitable. Our presentation will discuss the strategies that Associated Press and The Nation use on their own web platforms. From Associated Press’s white label sites to The Nation’s subscriber wall, Drupal is able to accommodate diverse revenue strategies.

This presentation promises to be a valuable session for any publishing company considering Drupal or any other content management system.  Look for our presentation slides on our slideshare account after our CMSExpo presentation on May 16th!











Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist