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Personalization & An Experimentation Mindset

Chris Jorgenson | Director, Strategic Partnerships

Annie Stone | Director of Marketing Services

April 16, 2020

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How can you ensure that your personalization strategy will truly impact your customers and your business goals?

Marketers are feeling the pressure to get a personalization program started but simultaneously feel paralyzed by the lack of resources or data needed to formulate a strategy. Starting with simple tests, and building your personalization strategy as an iterative series of experiments, can jumpstart your personalization program with a solid foundation of data-driven strategy.

Join Phase2 Strategist Annie Stone to learn why an experimentation mindset is crucial for a successful personalization program and how to inject this mindset throughout your strategy development and implementation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Personalization should start with data-driven testing
  • How to gain organizational buy-in and nurture a culture of experimentation
  • How to formulate and test an impactful hypothesis
  • How to ensure your personalization strategy will make an impact on your business goals

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