Owning The Digital Patient Experience

Owning The Digital Patient Experience

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist

How does one of the country’s largest health systems improve the patient experience by digitally transforming the entire organization?

Digital Leaders from Northwell Health, Emily Kagan Trenchard and Laura Semlies, collaborated on a recent webinar with us to talk about our work to do just that.  

This case study of Northwell Health’s approach, change management best practices, and technology strategy will help any health system working to improve the patient experience through digital transformation.

Click here to download the webinar.

Build Vs. Buy

A lot of healthcare networks might feel like it’s safer to invest in a platform that already exists. But Northwell Health made the decision to invest in a custom platform because no single vendor could provide the tools and functionality needed for their entire health system. The platform allows for the integration of existing tools, and has the ability to scale and grow for their future long term vision and goals.

Organizational Alignment

How do you get everyone in your organization onboard with your digital patient experience initiative? Leaders at Northwell Health work hard to make sure the organization's long term vision and goals are understood across the health system. Communicating the competitive threats of other health systems, and clearly articulating the financial bottom line threat of not pursuing digital transformation, makes a big difference.

"Minimum Valuable Product” vs. a “Minimum Viable Product”

While Northwell Health, like most of healthcare, is working hard to catch up to the digital experience of the consumer industry, the bottom line is that healthcare will never be the same as retail. Delivering value to patients means offering services and digital experiences that will help patients be more healthy.

Any digital service that Northwell Health provides takes this into account, so as they role out digital apps, services, and content, there is an emphasis on delivering value to the patient, rather than just a product that is functional.

Defining Scope and Success

While patient acquisition and retention are important key performance indicators for the success of Northwell Health's brand experience, the teams at Northwell Health and Phase2 are also ultimately working to make their digital patient experience initiative a clinical differentiator and to improve clinical outcomes.

Watch the webinar recording to get the full story on how Northwell Health is digitally transforming their health system and putting patients first.


Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist