Our Top 10 DrupalCon Austin Session Picks!

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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It’s less than 2 weeks from DrupalCon Austin and we are pumped to check out this year’s awesome DrupalCon Austin session lineup. With so many sessions to choose from, it can be hard to pick which ones to attend, so planning your session strategy is essential. To help you decide, we’ve put together our top 10 DrupalCon Austin session picks below, we'll see you there!Monday

9:00-5:00PM:  Drupal Performance and Scalability with the Dream Team.

The dream team unites again to provide an epic performance and scaling training to kick off this year's DrupalCon.  You'll find our own DevOps guru, Steven Merrill among this infamous team and while this isn't a DrupalCon session, it is definitely a training not to be missed. Try to grab a seat!


1:00-2:00PM: 30 Drupal 8 API Functions You Should Already Know, Rm: 18, 4th floor

You wont want to miss one of Phase2's leading developers, Frederic Mitchell presenting a session on Drupal 8 API functions.  You can get a sneak peak of what his session will cover in his blogpost "Say Goodbye To menu_get_object()."

1:00-2:00PM: OpenShift & Drupal- A True Story of Open Source Collaboration, Rm 11,4th floor

Have you heard about using OpenShift Origin with Drupal? Get all the details and find out how to easily deploy Drupal sites on OpenShift Origin in this session with Steven Merrill and Diane Mueller.

3:45-4:45: Introducing The Drupal 8 Configuration System, Rm F, 4th Floor

Drupal 8 has a new configuration management system that provides a central place for modules to store configuration data, from simple static data (e.g., site name) to more complex business objects (e.g., field definitions and image styles). This session will outline how to work with the new configuration system from a site building perspective. Looks like a great D8 session, we can't wait!

5:00-6:00PM: Train Wrecks, Ugly Babies- The Gory Details Part 2, Rm 16, 4th Floor

As a follow up to Susan Rust's previous session "Train Wrecks, Ugly-Baby..Meetings and other Client Calamities," Susan further discusses project methodology and the importance of discovery and strategic planning.  We are a big fan of Susan and look forward to her session!


1:00-2:00: Introducing Panopoly and Drupal Distributions, Rm 17, 4th Floor

If you are interested in how Panopoly works and how it is used in Drupal distributions, be sure to catch David Snopek's session! David is a fantastic Open Atrium and Panopoly contrbutor and has a ton of knowledge under his belt about both distributions!

3:45-4:45PM: Successful Requirements Gathering, Rm 16, 4th floor

Jordan Hirsch is a senior digital strategist here at Phase2.  He is not only a professional improv actor, he also is an expert in requirements gathering for large complicated web projects.  Check out his session at DrupalCon and take a sneak peak at some of his requirements best practices in his blogpost about this topic.

3:45-4:45PM: Thinking Inside The Box, Inside The Box, Inside The Box,  Rm F, 4th floor

For all you frontend developers out there, be sure to catch Mason Wendell's session where he will be discussing how to leverage style prototypes as a frontend style guide technique.


10:45-11:45: Scaling Drupal For Higher-Ed Institutions, Rm 16, 4th Floor

For those interested in Drupal for higher ed, be sure to catch this session, we are really excited to attend this session with their incredible line up of representatives from Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Stanford University, and Yale University.

2:15-3:15PM: Drupal For Local Gov- How San Mateo raised the bar with OpenPublic, Rm 17, 4th floor

If you are interested in Drupal for public sector sites, you won't want to miss this session.  Join Felicia Hayes of Phase2 and Beverly Thames from San Mateo County to talk about how San Mateo County leveraged Drupal and OpenPublic to create an engaging web experience. will present a session on the San Mateo project with Beverly Thames of San Mateo.

With all these interesting Drupal sessions to attend, make sure to pace yourself, take a break and visit us at the Phase2 booth (#101)! As always we've got some fun swag and activities planned at our booth, so be sure to schedule some time to come say hi!

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist