OpenPublic & Drupal: Join us for a Great Webinar!

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I am very excited to participate in the an OpenPublic webinar hosted by Acquia this Wednesday, with my Phase2 public sector parters in crime, Greg Wilson, and Karen Borchert. Our goal for OpenPublic this year is to celebrate and highlight what can be built with OpenPublic and Drupal and how we can nurture this growing community of users.

We will start by introducing how OpenPublic works and its capabilities out-of-the-box. Then you will get to hear about the awesome new features being developed from some major government projects that use OpenPublic. We will also demo some often requested features that can be built or added into OpenPublic:

  • A new Security Application for managing user policies and authentication controls
  • A great approach on multi-lingual content built on the best core and contrib Drupal modules
  • An example of a simple API for feeding critical information to other Drupal and non-Drupal Sites

We'll finish up with some additional examples of some of the exciting OpenPublic based projects from 2012 and what's to come in 2013, including some community events that Phase2 is sponsoring.

As Drupal and OpenPublic mature, we want to make sure that we encourage organizations to use OpenPublic to take care of the basics, and continue to dedicate resources to contribute additional site specific development like data API's for the community at large. We hope that the webinar will get folks excited about the great sites that can be built with OpenPublic; It's what the distribution exists for: to provide a great out-of-box experience that can (still) be used to build custom sites.


Watch the webinar here:

Shawn Mole