Open Atrium is Out of Hibernation: Come Code With Us!

Mike Potter, Software Architect
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It's been a busy winter of architecture, coding, and design on the new Open Atrium 2.0 on Drupal 7. But spring is here, and we are very pleased to tell you that the code for Open Atrium is out in the world. This is very much a "developers' release" of code -- not yet a full product release -- but for those interested in testing or contributing to the new Atrium, you can access the code at the Open Atrium project on

So what's next? Well, obviously, we are excited for developers to get into the code, test it, and of course, contribute plugins and code to help  make Atrium better. To that end, we have a few opportunities available:

  • Connect in IRC:  I'll be in IRC at #open_atrium -- come join us to discuss the upcoming release… and how you might contribute.
  • Join Our Weekly Demos: I will be hosting a demo and community discussion of Open Atrium every Friday at 11:30 am ET, starting this Friday, April 5. Join me to get your questions answered, see what's new in Atrium this week, and learn how you can contribute. To attend, simply follow this link to the webinar.  The focus of the first demo on April 5 will be for developers who want to learn how to create Open Atrium plugins.
  • Join Our Testing and Contributors Group: If you're interested in joining a group of developers dedicated to testing and contributing to Open Atrium, please email us at We have a core team of organizations and developers who have expressed interest in developing plugins for Atrium - and we're always interested in more. Let us know if you'd like to be included in this contributors group.
  • Hack with Us in Portland! On Friday, May 24, the Atrium team will be gathered up at the Doubletree at DrupalCon Portland for a day of hacking and community contribution on the new Open Atrium. Throughout the week, you can see us on the vendor day stage, as well as in BOFs about the new Atrium (not to mention at Booth 233) but if you want to get serious and write some code together, we hope you'll come join us on Friday to the Atrium Hackathon.

We hope you'll join us to be a part of the new Open Atrium - it's going to be a big step forward in collaboration software on the web.

Mike Potter

Mike Potter

Software Architect