Open Atrium: The Open Source Enterprise Collaboration Solution for Government

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In today’s digital world, government agencies are faced with the challenge of determining how best to connect not only internally, but externally with citizens and shareholders. At the federal, state, and municipal levels, agencies coordinate and share information with other agencies, with external communities, and across different levels of government.


As they attempt this coordination, government agencies must meet the collaboration needs of specialized projects, while operating within budget allocations and resource constraints.

“Challenge” may be an understatement. Luckily, a robust and secure toolset exists to successfully connect disparate government systems and constituents.

On Tuesday, June 24th we will be leading a discussion about collaboration in government and how Open Atrium can provide an open source enterprise solution to connect actors and engage citizens in the public sector.


Open Atrium provides an open source, enterprise-grade collaboration platform for government that:

  • Engages constituents with a modern, mobile-friendly experience

  • Streamlines communication and workflows across groups

  • Integrates with enterprise systems

  • Provides the security that allows agencies to restrict access to information on both sides of the government firewall

Mike Potter

, Open Atrium’s Lead Architect, and Greg Wilson, Director of Government Practice at Phase2, will discuss some of Open Atrium’s key features that make it a great fit for collaboration in government, including:

  • Secure document sharing and collaboration:  Securely keeps information in one place, unlike email.

  • Time management tools: Manage and monitor project activities with calendars and project tracking tools.

  • Security and access control: A robust access control system that outperforms any other open source solution.

  • Online communities and communication: Launching open or private discussions is simple.

  • Citizen and stakeholder engagement: Control the content the public sees.

Be sure to grab a seat at tomorrow’s webinar on Tuesday, June 24th at 12 PM EST to learn what Open Atrium can do for your agency!


Greg Wilson