Open Atrium and Managing News Find a New Home with Phase2

Today we are announcing the purchase of Open Atrium, a team collaboration tool and Managing News, a pluggable news and data aggregator both developed on Drupal.

Jeff Walpole, CEO
#Drupal | Posted

Today we are announcing the purchase of Open Atrium, a team collaboration tool and Managing News, a pluggable news and data aggregator both developed on Drupal. This represents the first step in a new collaboration and a far-reaching partnership with our friends at Development Seed who created these distributions and with whom we share a love of developing great open source products.

Open AtriumThis move is unprecedented in the Drupal community and we are excited to venture into new territory as Drupal continues to grow into enterprise markets.  Development Seed has been an amazing contributor to the Drupal community with an unparalleled enthusiasm for the research and development of new applications and solutions in Drupal, including these two innovative products and many excellent framework contributions. We are proud to continue the development and support of their work, and to continue providing community contributions to the underlying components of these solutions.

Our decision to acquire these products was a very natural one for us, based in part on prior collaborations with Development Seed and our experience deploying these products for our own clients. We know there is great demand for additional offerings around Open Atrium. It provides an open source, configurable and extendable alternative to proprietary tools like Basecamp, and Atrium's vibrant and thriving community is proof of its value. We know Open Atrium technically, because we use the same modules and components for our own distributions and one of our development team just released book Building Drupal Intranets with Open Atrium. Managing News has common roots with our Tattler product and provides a natural complement for our online publishing clients using OpenPublish.

Going forward, this move is great for the Drupal community. It helps to validate the business viability of open source and shows a maturing of business models. Development Seed is focusing its efforts on developing new products – which is their strength, and we’re focusing our efforts on taking a suite of Drupal products to market – which is our strength. It enables us to craft a wide range of expandable platforms for the markets and customers we serve. This partnership also allows Development Seed to push forward faster with their groundbreaking mapping work and node.js. So expect more great things from them.

The ecosystem around Drupal is evolving. From services to packaged distributions to full blown products, the Drupal community has stepped outside of an open source CMS platform to create and deliver real economic value and a marketplace around Drupal. Phase2 has been one of the earliest and most dedicated champions of developing distributions of Drupal. We understand the significant time and resources it takes not only to develop and maintain a high quality distribution, but also to effectively take it to market.

We are very excited to share other plans soon and will be updating you shortly with more information on our plans including a roadmap for Open Atrium, upgrading to Drupal 7 and other integrated products and services we can provide.  Stay tuned for more updates in coming days.

Jeff Walpole