NYCCamp Nonprofit Summit: Accelerating Open Source Collaboration

NYCCamp Nonprofit Summit: Accelerating Open Source Collaboration

Molly Byrnes, Account Director
#DrupalCon | Posted

I first encountered Drupal when I was working at Rainforest Foundation US, a non-profit and my first job while in college. It was there that I was introduced to Drupal 4.7, where block reigned supreme and knowledge of negative integer weighting systems was essential. Intrigued and inspired by the community driven and developed nature of open source, I followed Drupal into the corporate world with a goal of learning as much as possible about this technology and community, so that I could eventually give back and improve the experience for nonprofits. With Drupal 8 on the horizon and the opportunity to work with mission driven organizations at Phase2, I am finally closing the loop and it’s been really exciting to see how much the community as well as the groups of non-profits have changed.

Right now, I am noticing a critical mass of nonprofits that are using Drupal, and in many ways are all working through similar problems. Specifically I’ve seen several nonprofits dealing with:

  • Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 or 8

  • Managing the latest CRM integration challenge

  • Maintenance of their sites

  • That proverbial performance spike when your fundraising campaign gets picked up

I see these challenges come up again and again in various organizations.  Each time the organization spends time and money developing similar solutions, processes, and strategies.

It’s time for nonprofits to stop re-inventing the wheel and start working together on effective web strategies.  The NTEN community is a great example of a thriving group of non-profit professional collaboration.  There is currently some great work going on in the space: Johanna Bates & Ivan Booth lead a monthly #nptech Drupal call which is hosted by NTEN on the topic of  nonprofits.

To contribute to these collaboration efforts, I will be leading a nonprofit summit during NYCCamp on July 15th, generously sponsored by Jackson River.  This summit will act as a discussion forum for mission driven organizations to share what is working well, and how we can solve common web strategy challenges.

I am really excited about the featured content and speakers during the summit. is a youth focused activism non-profit with a communications focused model . They will discuss their learnings of the past year while they instituted a series of for-profit  processes and technology best practices.  American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alongside partners Jackson RiverPurpose & Advomatic will discuss the launch of the ACLU action center from strategy to execution.

We’ve designed this event to help you network with other individuals from similar organizations in order to create a collaborative community of local nonprofits and technologists working in the space. If you work with nonprofits and are using or considering leveraging Drupal or any open source software for your organization, this summit is for you!

If you are interested in this event, you can learn more about the nonprofit summit and NYCCamp at I hope to see you next Monday, July 15th!



Molly Byrnes

Account Director