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Danielle Miller, Associate Product Manager
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Available freely to the masses for a little over one month & accruing just under 17,000 downloads in that short span of time, Open Atrium 2 (OA 2) Beta has scampered off to a phenomenal start! We here at Phase2 are working diligently towards a full release slated for this fall and just recently unleashed OA 2 Beta 4 to the world. Check it out if you’ve yet to do so!

Following the success of our Open Atrium 2 Q&A webinar, we’re excited to announce that OA 2 technical lead, Mike Potter, will be participating in a Drupal Reddit AMA this Friday, September 13th. Be sure to tune in from 9 AM to 5 PM and bring not only your inquiries, but let’s chat about all the ways you’re using OA 2!

As our fellow open sourcers know, community feedback only helps to strengthen the distribution and inform where we can take it next. So come talk to us about what you’re doing with OA 2! Built to integrate and be customized to any organization’s needs, here are some of the most popular uses of OA we’ve seen:

Improved Communication through A Cohesive Intranet

Efficiently and securely connect with your colleagues by selectively setting permissions on content tailored to your team's collaboration needs. Fine tuned for streamlined communication via discussions, notifications, and content subscriptions, keep the conversation going on what's relevant while opting out of what's not.

Customized Social Collaboration

Keep up to date with your favorite friends, colleagues, and classmates through activity streams, event calendars, and subscriptions to the content they create. Tailor your personal dashboard and integrate with your favorite messaging client to send personalized messages to the people you care about most.

Robust Knowledge Management

Easily manage and store your documents, photos, videos, and most critical assets while still being able to find them easily later. Plugin your favorite workflow and versioning software for collaborative content creation, with commentary, tagging, and sharing post content completion.

Manage Your Projects & Ideas

Track your latest project through shared content and communications with groups, teams, and individual contributors. Add in your preferred issue tracking system for ticket submission, management, and workflow history.

Engaging clients through a Web Portal

Get your clients and external team members collaborating by engaging them with discussions and communication forums. Build relationships with those who matter most by soliciting feedback, ideation, suggestions, and support.

Who have you seen use Open Atrium 2 and in what ways?

What would you like to see from the Open Atrium 2 next?

Feel free to drop us a line below and be sure to come out on Friday, September 13th from 9 AM to 5 PM for Mike’s Drupal Reddit AMA!

Questions on OA 2 Beta? Check out Mike's blog post about the release.


Danielle Miller

Associate Product Manager