Learn About Fighting Poverty with Drupal at CapitalCamp 2013

Brian McMurray, Software Architect
#Drupal | Posted

CapitalCamp 2013 starts on Friday, July 26 and is jam-packed with an awesome line-up of talks including your chance to catch a reprisal of Molly Byrnes, John Robert Wilson, Steven Merrill, and my talk, "Weathering Storms: How Robin Hood Uses Drupal to Fight Poverty." We'll be sharing some of the really great lessons and experiences we've had partnering with the Robin Hood Foundation to build a scalable web platform that really helps them communicate their mission to fight poverty in New York City. You'll hear about:

  • Innovative content tools to make flexible beautiful communication easy, fast, and interactive
  • How the Robin Hood platform was able to quickly and easily -- with minimal new code --react to the 12 12 12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy rapidly changing communication needs surrounding
  • How we helped Robin Hood to build a web infrastructure that doesn't break the bank, and that effectively scales to handle massive traffic spikes

Catch us afterward or any time during the camp and chat with Molly Byrnes about Drupal and Non-profits, with John Robert Wilson about building donation systems with Drupal Commerce, Steven Merrill about scaling your infrastructure, or me about front-end performance and content editing tools! Hope to see you at CapitalCamp!

Brian McMurray

Software Architect