Keep These Three 2018 Customer Experience Resolutions

Keep These Three 2018 Customer Experience Resolutions

Kristin Janeiro, Content Marketing Specialist
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Over 2017 we saw customer expectations and the demand for enhanced digital experiences skyrocket. As you kick off 2018, resolve to keep these three digital experience resolutions to deepen engagement with your audience and attract new customers.  

Understand and Map the Customer Journey

The key to creating and maintaining a great digital customer experience is understanding the customer journey your prospects undergo as they gather information on your products or services, compare you to competitors, and reach out to make a decision and purchase.

If you do not understand your customers’ journey, motivations, and goals, you are shooting in the dark when it comes to enhancing your digital experience. The best way to nail down the customer journey is by creating a journey map. To begin creating a journey map you must nail down your customer personas, define buying stages, and identify the touchpoints you have and need to meet your customers’ needs.

Here is a great video from Moz that outlines quick and simple ways to get started with customer journey mapping.

Invest in Personalization

Personalization is becoming an expectation, not an option, in 2018. Today’s customers want to feel heard and interact with empathetic, targeted systems that understand their particular needs or preferences.

Organizations in 2018 will be investing in chatbots to enhance their personalization strategy. Able to answer ever more complex questions and resolve issues in real-time, they are the very embodiment of the Micro-moment and the future of how we find information, buy, book appointments, or interface with any type of customer service. Chatbots can make a real difference for your audience in small ways that leave a lasting impression, like remembering a prospect’s name or recalling a customer’s prior technical issue.

Click here to take a look at what is behind chatbot technology, how some leading brands are leveraging this technology, some common pitfalls to avoid, and what you can do to begin developing a strategy that uses chatbots to meet customer needs and lower your support costs.

Keep Your Digital Customer Experience Fresh with APIs

Today’s customers are looking for an intuitive, consistent, seamless, and personalized brand experience, and they want it now. Notice your competitors spinning up voice assistants and integrating all the latest digital touchpoints in the blink of an eye? They’re probably utilizing APIs to integrate various channels and touchpoints into their digital experience platform, and you should be too.

APIs allow you to take advantage of the functionality and data from outside companies or services. So, say your marketing team needs spin up a chatbot, pull CRM data in order to serve dynamic personalized content on your website, or embed a web form or survey. There are companies and services with public APIs that allow your developers to access data and pull code to quickly build third party features and tools into your own digital ecosystem.

Still wondering what the heck an API is? Here’s a breakdown.

If you keep these three digital experience resolutions you’ll be able to create a digital experience that maps to your prospect’s needs, keep your customers feeling engaged and understood through personalization, and offer the latest digital touchpoints to your audiences before your competition can.

Want to chat more about enhancing your digital experience platform in 2018? Drop us a note here and we’ll be in touch.

Kristin Janeiro

Content Marketing Specialist