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Introducing Phase2's BuilDesign Internship 2018
October 16, 2018 |

Here at Phase2, we get pretty excited when it is BuilDesign time. That’s because our internship program is a time when we get to meet some awesome new talent, invest in our own professional development, and get a fresh infusion of ideas and energy from some spectacular people.

Our third year of the BuilDesign internship program is underway, and we are busy! Some of the highlights of this year’s program include:

  • More than 40 classes taught by Phase2 subject matter experts

  • Mentor bootcamp to train new and experienced mentors and managers

  • Professional development and shared learning opportunities for all employees

  • Getting interns on real client projects under the guidance of their mentors

  • Several BuilDesign alumni employees who are now mentors for our new class

  • Amazing energy and community that fuels our teams!

My favorite part has been all the presentations by people deeply involved in making Phase2 solutions. It was so informative and fun to go from fonts to DevOps to automated testing all in the same day. It helped me understand why we do what we do.  - Dan, Developer Apprentice

BuilDesign is a program specifically designed to recruit and foster the next generation of tech talent. The program brings together skill-sets in development, design, project and product management, and other various disciplines and provides participants with an opportunity to learn together as a team with our top leaders at Phase2.

Get to know our newest class as they share their highlights so far...

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Read more about our BuilDesign Internship Program.

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