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Danielle Miller, Associate Product Manager
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Over the past few years, the optimization of the sound bite story and short-form content has run in parallel with the perpetual improvement of audiences’ ability to filter, skim, and categorize - leaving your message forgotten or thrown out with the trash. While mass quantities of content may be great for keeping pace and driving traffic, what has clearly emerged is a longing for something more substantial. A desire to find a deeper connection in a world full of superficial ones; a request for the balance and interplay between short-form and long-form stories to be restored. Storytelling has always existed as a foundation of human interaction. Regardless of the cultural or environmental specifics at play, as long as there has been a need to exchange information, storytelling has provided humans with a conduit to share their experiences. While the mediums, styles, and formatting in which storytelling occurs shift to meet the trends of the day, at its core, a good story is one that captures the hearts, minds, and attentions of the audience in question. Unfortunately, telling stories in this way remains expensive and inaccessible for most businesses given the available technology. That’s where Fable comes in.  Fable1Fable enables any team to quickly design and implement captivating narratives that: generate powerful emotional connections with their audiences; build brand credibility; and allow for any topic to be explored. Infusing charisma, intuition, and cleverness into your brand’s story, Fable empowers users to convert creative energy into practical expression by making the process of producing beautifully integrated, dynamic content available to any team - no extensive technical training needed.

The Benefits of Fable

Fable is a powerful tool for anyone looking to:Empower Your Authors - allow anyone on your team to contribute to the story you’re building through a friendly drag-and-drop user interfaceBring Vibrancy to Your Content - utilizing text, images, videos, maps, timelines, and more, create a full experience of your brand and interact with your audienceCreate an Immersive Story - address not only the breadth of a subject, but the depth as well through extensive nesting, without losing functionality at any levelplaceit (1)Build Your Story Yourself - take on the creation, editing, and management of your interactive without any help from a development team Share Your Story on a Grand Scale - make sure your voice is heard through integrated social support and embeddability Access Your Story Everywhere - maintain the quality of your narrative seamlessly from mobile to tablet to desktop and back again Rapidly Update Your Message - allow authors the flexibility to stay relevant to the needs of their audiences given on-the-fly edits and changes in various social, economic, or political factors Translate For Your Audience - via UTF-8 support, tell your story in the language(s) it needs to be shared in Utilize Your Existing Content - combine the management power of your existing Drupal CMS with the ability to swiftly integrate that content into an interactive Let Your Content Go Viral - Fable’s simple hosting and publishing model will make sure your story reaches everyone successfully on any device

Announcing Fable Beta

We are pleased as punch that this week marks the beta release of Fable and that we’re finally able to share this powerful tool with the world. That being said, our team is still hard at work continuing development on additional features and functionality for the 1.0 release slated for early 2016. Interested in using Fable to tell your story? Come work with the experts in house at Phase2!Fable5Interested in learning more? Explore the evolution of long-form content in Phase2’s new whitepaper, Immersive Digital Storytelling: Connecting with Audiences Through Long-Form Content. Visit the Fable website, follow Fable on Twitter, and sign up for the Fable newsletter. We’d love to keep in touch! =)

Danielle Miller

Associate Product Manager