How Weight Watchers Capitalized on Collaborative Design

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
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Last month, DrupalCon 2016 attendees received a special treat when Weight Watchers product manager Ashley Faggianelli discussed the impact of collaborative design within her organization. During the Wireframes to Widgets session, Phase2’s Chris Wright and Chris Bloom walked the audience through the principles of a collaborative design process while Ashley spoke about its benefits from a client’s perspective.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.12.54 PMIn an overflowing session room, Ashley described the product her team maintains: a Drupal multi-site platform with 12 international sites and 16 language variants, complete with complicated design requirements. In addition to regular platform maintenance, they were tasked with overhauling the main website’s design.This could have been a long, arduous process of designing pixel-perfect mock-ups, which would need to be approved by the stakeholders before being cut up and adjusted for the web by developers. Then, the UX team would undergo another round of edits for the developers. Inevitably, the business stakeholder’s requirements would get lost in the mire.For large organizations with multiple digital assets, channels, and departments working together, this process is problematic. It’s not only slow, but also impedes collaboration and agility.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.13.48 PM

Luckily, Weight Watchers wasn’t prepared to utilize a flawed system. Their forward-thinking digital philosophy, combined with Phase2’s collaborative design experience, led to a new strategy that empowered the design team. The most significant change was integrating the UX and design teams in the prototyping stage of the project. This allowed multi-disciplinary teams to work together, cutting out redundant work and helping them meet the original timeline for deliverables.

You can hear Ashley’s full story, plus learn a lot more about our collaborative design process, in the Drupalcon session recording. And if you're curious how to take your workflow from siloed and linear to parallel and collaborative, read Evan Lovely's blog or register for our webinar on June 16th!

The Weight Watchers design story is one we love to tell, because it's about a company that’s fully committed to delivering the best possible customer experience through digital transformation. We look forward to working with Weight Watchers as they continue delivering superior customer experience online.

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst