Getting to Know Us Behind the Scenes

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
#Phase2 | Posted

Surprise! A pop quiz for you:

Which of our Senior Developers aspires to speak 5 languages?

Whose workspace doubles as a music studio?

Who splits her time between attending Drupal meetups and beekeeping groups?

At Phase2, it would be an understatement to say we are a passionate group of people. You’ll have a tough time finding anyone more enthusiastic about message digests, code refactoring, or interactive publishing tools. Moreover, it would be nearly impossible to assemble a team equally animated by cheese-making, health & fitness, and medieval calligraphy.

So What?

So what? What can recreational pumpkin carving have to do with our ability to create beautiful, functional websites for our clients? How does mastering four different instruments translate to front-end design? Why on earth am I dedicating an entire blog post to what our employees do outside of work?

Just as open source would be nothing without its community, Phase2 would be nothing without its people - its zany, vigorous, passionate people. Though our interests vary widely (I, for example, am unlikely to be found performing improvised comedy for an audience), there is one common thread that weaves us together: when we embark on a project, be it a CMS platform or new hobby, we dive in wholeheartedly.

Showcasing our most valuable asset

Last year Designer Dave Ruse wrote a post about opening up the design process, in which he made the keen observation that “we’re much more likely to appreciate something if we understand the amount of care and passion that was poured into it.” He was talking about design, of course, but the same logic of transparency applies to other areas of business, and none more so than its people.

Other companies have recognized the value in showcasing their most valuable asset: their employees. As an industry, we've learned that clients crave a real connection to the people behind the scenes, and these recently published employee page designs show the creative lengths to which companies will go to forge that connection. Especially in an industry where so much happens through a computer screen, it’s comforting to know that you’re interacting with a real live human being. And it might help to know that she’s completely obsessed with football - just because.

So feel free to get to know us a little better, whether you’re curious about our favorite technology or which karaoke song each of us is most likely to belt out at happy hour. I promise we’re everything but boring.

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst