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Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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Sports media is an incredibly competitive landscape and our partners the Pac-12 Digital Networks, needed a web solution that could keep up with it’s fast paced, multi-media, sports news coverage, while allowing fans to view content anywhere.

But how do you display and store live updates, and rapidly publish thousands of pieces of rich media to engage Pac-12 sports fans online?

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We are excited to have David Aufhauser and Mark Kramer of Pac-12 Digital Networks, join Phase2's Doug Marcey, Tobby Hagler, and Josh Turton, to discuss building the Pac-12’s new content management platform in a webinar this Thursday, August 29th. Learn how we created the new Pac-12 platform to store, organize, and display digital assets through a user-friendly administrative back-end, to deliver a dynamic online experience for Pac-12 fans.

We will discuss the following:

CMS Implementation:

A Drupal content management system was chosen to consolidate all of Pac-12’s digital assets, allowing all content to be stored, organized and delivered using one system. With a custom implementation of the Workbench and Panelizer modules, we were able to create a centralized digital department workflow and revisioning system. Learn more about Workbench and Panelizer in Tobby Hagler’s recent blog post.


This project encompassed several custom integrations, most notable the custom video integration.  Displaying live video and recorded highlighted game footage was a critical function for the PAC-12 site. We will discuss how we implemented an integration with Ooyala, a third-party video platform that allows Pac-12 to seamlessly display high-quality video directly on the site and automatically store video locally in the CMS.

Event Pages:

Scores, standings, and stats are integrated into the CMS with a custom API that we worked with Pac-12 developers to create. We will talk about how we integrated this data into the CMS, ingesting the stats and standings so that they are tagged, and displayed appropriately in real time for each event page. Learn more about how we optimized referenced content on the event pages in Josh Turton's recent blog post.

Get The Play-By-Play

If you are interested in learning how Pac-12 created a complex content management system with intricate integrations to deliver fast paced college sports coverage, you won't want to miss this week's webinar: "Pac-12 Networks: Building The Ultimate College Sports Web Experience."

You can learn more about the project in the Pac-12 Networks portfolio here.



Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist