The Future of Digital Storytelling

Mike Mangi, Director of Innovation
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As screen sizes and connected devices continue to get more diverse, the ability to manage context-specific content to tell brand stories is increasingly significant. At our recent company retreat, P2Con, I gave a talk about the importance of evoking emotion in storytelling. I focused on the evolution of our use of technology in the quest for ever-more immersive storytelling tools.

A story can be told in and across myriad devices — from mobile, to wearables, to Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) headsets, to Artificial Intelligence (AI). As these technologies become more sophisticated, we have a greater need for content and experience management systems capable of publishing multi-device, context-optimized content.

Watch my talk below (or check out my slides on Slideshare) to learn more!

What do you see as the most useful application of digital and immersive storytelling?  How do you believe technology will continue to change the way we tell stories? Have you tried a new storytelling format? Share your experience in the discussion below.

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Mike Mangi wearing a VR headset
Mike Mangi with a VR headset


Mike Mangi

Mike Mangi

Director of Innovation