Find Phase2 at Drupal GovCon!

Find Phase2 at Drupal GovCon!

Sara Olson, Marketing Analyst
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Although it has undergone several name changes in the past few years, our favorite summer event for Drupal government is just around the corner. Drupal GovCon (previous Capital Camp and Drupal Gov Days) will be held at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland, and Phase2 will once again be a platinum sponsor. We are proud to support this awesome Drupal camp in the backyard of Phase2’s headquarters. So come join us July 22-24 for the event that many have dubbed the heartbeat of the DC Drupal community.


Not only will we be sponsoring the event, several of our team members will be speaking there as well. Don’t miss these awesome presentations from some of our best and brightest:

Features for Drupal 8

Software Architect Mike Potter is bringing back his popular DrupalCon talk on Features for Drupal 8. You will learn the architecture of Features in Drupal 8, the difference between Modules and Features, how Features integrates with Drupal 8 CMI, how to create a new Feature, and how to manage existing Features. Mike will also demo the latest development version of the Drupal 8 Features module.

Mike Potter, talking about Features for Drupal 8

Do some background reading with Mike’s recent blog posts, Announcing Features for Drupal 8 and How to Override Features, and be sure to check out his talk on D8 Features from DrupalCon LA!

The Yes, No, and Maybe of “Can We Build That with Drupal?”

Over the last five years, Drupal has made a huge splash in the Government sector and has quickly become the open source CMS platform of choice. If you’re not already using Drupal, it’s likely that it’s come up as an option. It’s a powerful and flexible framework, which usually means the answer to the question “Can we build this with Drupal?” is “Yes.” But how do you make sure that you’re not asking Drupal to do too much? Conversely, even if Drupal is the best choice, how do you make sure your architecture is sound, your project plan is tight, and your business strategy is appropriate?

In this session, Digital Strategist Joshua Lieb will walk you through some case studies from various levels of government to examine the challenges faced, and review lessons learned. He’ll review the key questions to ask to get to the yes, no, and maybe of what Drupal can do for your government agency.

Site Building with the End User in Mind

Account Director Molly Byrnes and Experience Analyst Eden Gwyn are here to remind us that, although many projects focus almost entirely on the needs of the folks who will be maintaining the site, it is crucial to also consider end users to build a successful Drupal platform. Using feedback from real end users, Molly and Eden will reveal helpful strategies for making your end users a priority as you configure your Drupal website.

Successful Requirements Gathering

Jordan Hirsch, Phase2’s Director of Digital Strategy, is back with his popular session on successful requirements gathering, which he recently presented at SXSW! Gathering requirements is equal parts art and science, and the success of your entire project depends on doing it right. No matter what project methodology you're using, there are some simple rules that can help you collect and document the right information upfront, so that your team knows what to build and your client gets what they need (not just what they say they want). You’ll leave this interactive session armed with tools you can begin using immediately to make your next project a success.


Prepare for Jordan’s session by learning the most important step in requirements gathering and practicing your active listening, a real-life Jedi mind trick.

We hope to see you at Drupal GovCon!

Sara Olson

Marketing Analyst