Fable and Your Drupal CMS

Fable and Your Drupal CMS

Brandon Morrison, Senior Developer
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At Phase2, we work with a lot of different organizations who need help curating large amounts of digital content. Typically this involves the setup of workflows around Content Management Systems. CMS’s are great for working with large volumes of content by creating a structure around the content itself, allowing editors to work with the content en masse in a predictable manner.

However, this structure can be a double-edged sword. By locking down the various content fields, you limit the ways a storyteller can express a story.Without diligence, it’s easy to homogenize your cms content into a single look and feel across your web presence.

While not every piece of content needs to be a special snowflake, sometimes you need to break out of a mold to really give a story the depth and color it needs to shine. It can be difficult to build an immersive narrative around the tools your average CMS provides. Oftentimes, many publishers resort to completely ditching their CMS and hand-crafting custom pages for narratives that are out of the box, which can be a costly investment.

At Phase2, we recently announced our new product Fable, a fantastic solution for building immersive, engaging narratives for your audiences. Fable by itself isn’t a CMS; it’s main focus is to provide tools for crafting individual stories that can live independently from a holistic system. Fable allows publishers to create unique long form interactives by assembling specialized components together into a single narrative. These components work together to tell your story better than any of the individual pieces could alone.

Using Fable to tell your stories doesn’t mean that you have to toss your whole CMS workflow out the window. Fable is flexible enough to work with your CMS to allow you to manage interactives in a very similar manner than you would manage the rest of your content.

As a proof of concept, we’ve worked with a couple of our clients to create a Drupal module that integrates with Fable. With this module, an editor has the ability to pull a published version of a Fable interactive into Drupal. Check out this demo of how it works.

As you can see, Drupal can work with interactives in a similar manner than other pieces of content in the system by storing basic information about it as an entity. Because it’s a Drupal entity, this content can be referenced, listed, and searched by Drupal itself. It also plays well with the rest of the Drupal contrib space, especially Views and Search API.

This allows you to have the best of both worlds: a solid platform for managing the bulk of your content, while still having the tools you need to build well designed narratives that integrate with the rest of your CMS.

In addition to the Drupal integration, we’re also targeting several other platforms including Wordpress and Django. What other CMS’s would you like to see Fable integrate with? Would you like to know more details about our current integration set? Please reach out to us! In the meantime, you can watch last week's Fable webinar recording here!

Brandon Morrison

Senior Developer