Expanding with the SuperStar Media Team

Expanding with the SuperStar Media Team

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pixel-guysThe Next Phase of Growth

Happy New Year everyone!  2013 was an incredible year for us, and we are really excited to kick off the new year with some big news!  We had a year of exciting growth here at Phase2: we increased our staff by ~25% and opened an office in San Francisco, California, to better support our growing client and employee base in the Bay Area. Now that 2014 has arrived, we are excited to announce the next phase of expansion for the New Year, which comes in the form of bringing on the SuperStar Media team. We'd like to use this blog post to welcome our new team members and explain how this mass hiring enhances our mission to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Please join us in welcoming SuperStar Media team members Joey Groh, Christopher Bloom, Jeff Crisamore, Peter Schuelke, Courtney Koppenhaver and Chris Clark to the Phase2 family!

Why Is Phase2 Expanding?

This expansion has been a long time in the making, and it comes as the result of Phase2's months-long collaboration with Portland-based SuperStar Media, a full service interactive media agency specializing in design and production. While working with the SuperStar team on several high-profile projects, we were struck by their immense proficiency in visual design, technical skill in both front- and back-end development and natural cultural fit with the Phase2 team. In each of these individuals we discovered a commitment to excellence matching our own, as well as an intrinsic drive to find, produce and create innovative solutions. As we've said before, we are not a company that grows "for growth's sake," but rather takes advantage of opportunities to strategically develop our teams in order to better serve our clients. In making the SuperStar Media squad part of our own, we see just such an opportunity.

As a company, we've made a name for ourselves as expert developers and strategists with the technical chops to build custom websites uniquely tailored to our clients' needs, with the ability to then go one step further by ensuring our sites are also usable, functional and visually appealing. The decision to hire the SuperStar Media team centered around a strategic goal to expand on our existing design prowess, allowing us to not only find more in-house design solutions but also to provide our services in this arena to a greater array of clients. The fact that they're a pretty awesome group of guys is just an added bonus.

What will happen to SuperStar Media as a Company?

After hiring these six team members at the start of 2014, the owners of SuperStar Media, Joey Groh and Sean Kelley, closed the company’s operations. As mentioned, Joey is coming to work at Phase2, while Sean will pursue a new entrepreneurial venture. As Sean told us: "This is an exciting time for both myself and the SuperStar Media team. Not only do I get the opportunity to continue building upon my entrepreneurial skills and furthering my passion, but my team members at SuperStar get to move to the company that is equally devoted to their clients, talents and expertise."

Most of the team will continue to work from their base in the Northwest, where we are thrilled to expand our presence in a thriving tech community. After visiting Portland for DrupalCon 2013, we can see why it's home to one of the fastest-growing open source communities in the country, and we could not be more excited to take on a greater role contributing to and participating in local tech initiatives and open source projects.

Meet the Team:

Without further adieu, allow us to introduce the newest faces at Phase2. We hope you are just excited as we are to invite them into the fold!

JoeGrohJoey Groh, Senior Designer

Sound Bite: "When it comes to building a website, everything is design."

Fun Fact: Joey sings and plays drums, piano, guitar, and bass.

Expertise: Illustration, UX/UI, responsive design, Drupal, front and back-end development.


Chris Bloom, Senior Developer

Sound Bite: "How can you sleep when there is so much to learn and do?"

Drink of Choice: Glenmorangie 18 year. Neat.

Expertise: Mobile-first responsive design: CSS frameworks, JavaScript libraries, mental models, grid systems, revolutionary design, performance optimization.

JeffCrisamoreJeff Crisamore, DeveloperSound Bite:

"I have always been a tech geek."

Fun Fact: Jeff wants to be a photographer traveling around on his Harley when he grows up.

Expertise: Drupal, UI design, API’s, responsive design, theming, project file management.


 Peter Schuelke, Developer

Sound Bite: "The day I stop learning is the day my career ends."

Creative Pursuits: Peter dabbles in cheese making and wood working.

Expertise: Web Design and Interactive Media. Angular, Node, SASS and Compass, Drupal. Video production and animation.


ChrisClark Chris Clark, DeveloperSound Bite:

"I want to bridge the gaps that exist in today's technology."

Secret Skill: Chris annually carves a movie-themed pumpkin.

Expertise: Responsive systems/frameworks, CSS, SASS, Drupal.



Courtney Koppenhaver, Developer

Sound Bite: "No matter how large scale a project is, in the end it's still just a website like any other out there."

Fun Fact: Courtney's favorite sound is a Kawasaki KX 450 dirtbike with a FMF exhaust.

Expertise: Responsive design, Linux, Apache2, MySQL, theme structuring, SASS, JavaScript, AnuglarJS

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