Enterprise Companies Tapping Into The Most Powerful Drupal Asset: Its Community

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I’ve been at Phase2 for almost six months now and upon joining the organization, I was given the title “Enterprise Practice Manager”. In this role, I ensure that Phase2 delivers world class web solutions that meet the specific needs of large commercial customers. As enterprise practice manager, I’m part sales guy, part project manager, part client champion. I advocate for what’s best for the customer, and balance what’s best for the business.

It is easy to see that Drupal is becoming a big deal for large enterprise companies. As Drupal apostles have been advocating for years, Drupal can create powerful, scalable platforms and, being open source, it can cut down on costs. But it seems like enterprise companies are finally tapping into the most valuable asset of Drupal: its community.

We are seeing the number of enterprise community members increasing and the size of their projects built in Drupal expanding. There are numerous benefits to having enterprise level companies leverage Drupal. Through larger project budgets, and more complex problems, many new Drupal modules and functionalities are developed and then in turn, are contributed back to the Drupal community.

Open Atrium Version 2.0Content Staging Drupalicon

Projects like Open Atrium and CSI come from our work within enterprise space, but are applicable to the wider community as well. Enterprise projects lead to more Drupal innovation by proposing interesting problems, helping create new approaches, and gaining notoriety in the greater web space.

It is great to see Drupal contributions not only coming from enterprise projects but also community event participation. One great example is NBCUniversal (NBCU). At DrupalCon Chicago, NBCU had just a small group of people. However, as their commitment to Drupal has grown over the years, so has their team. At DrupalCon Portland there were over 40 people from NBCU, many of them are long time community members, but several are also newly minted community contributors. Enterprise companies are tapping into the value of the Drupal community, and it's exciting to see that they are really "getting it" and emmersing themselves in the community. I'm seeing large companies not only adopting Drupal, but actively participating in community events, code contribution, and embracing the open source philosophy.

As I continue to follow and support enterprise companies in Drupal, I look forward to seeing more people from large organizations at events like DrupalCon, Large Scale Drupal, and other events where they can learn, participate, and give back to our community. If you are interested in getting involved in the enterprise conversation, join me at the NYCCamp Business Summit in July, a full day of presentations and discussion around Drupal and Business.


Chris Strahl