DrupalCon Demo: Modern Commerce

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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Today, personalizing your customer journey is an essential strategy and part of delivering a competitive brand experience. And while some organizations have implemented a range of personalization tools, many have not successfully scaled their personalization strategy across their customers’ journey at every touchpoint.

When we throw commerce into the personalization equation, we get another layer of nuance. While retail has always been at the forefront of customer experience innovations, digital commerce tools have rarely provided brands with the necessary flexibility and scalability for a consistent, branded, purchasing experience across devices, channels, and touchpoints.

Leading up to Drupalcon Seattle, our team got together to build a demo that showcases how open technology and API-driven tools can plug into your existing digital experience platform—so brands can truly personalize their purchase experiences across the customer journey.

To build this demo we used Drupal as the content management base, integrated Acquia’s Journey and Lift tools for personalization and journey orchestration, and layered in Elasticpath Commerce, a flexible, open tool designed to deliver a unified selling experience.

Through an automated and personalized 1:1 customer journey, the demo uses multiple channels and touchpoints, (Twitter, website, email), in addition to a discount code and finally a purchase of some merchandise. (Demo attendees get the merchandise, free, at the end.)

As the user interacts with more touchpoints, we are able to build a robust customer profile based on behavior and preference, and deliver more targeted and meaningful brand interactions across the whole customer journey.

If you are attending Drupalcon, be sure to stop by Booth 201 to see our demo. If you won’t be attending and are interested in seeing the demo and learning more about personalized commerce experiences. Contact us!

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist