Drupal As Tech Education: Fostering New Staff Via the Drupal Stack

Caitlin Loos, Director of Creative Services
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We know that one of the most important things senior talent can do is train junior talent, and as members of the open source community, we believe in contributing to the people who will form the fabric of our industry.

Internships allow mentors and interns to work together and learn from one another’s varied experience and insights. Through our BuilDesign internship program, we have come to understand that this powerful pairing of experience and enthusiasm is the best way to spur a perpetual stream of amazing talent, rooted in the wisdom of our leaders.

A group of diverse interns collaborating with Phase2 mentors

But getting a great internship program off the ground can be daunting. How do your garner support? Find great junior talent? Create a curriculum?

At this year’s DrupalCon in Baltimore, MD, Chris Bloom and I will share the success of Phase2’s grassroots generated BuilDesign program, help you create a business case for junior talent development, and talk curriculum strategy.

We will also discuss the benefits of basing your internship curriculum in Drupal and facilitating interaction with the open source community.

In our DrupalCon session we will provide our audience with:

  • The business case for junior talent development to your company (and how to pitch it)
  • How to find and identify the best, most diverse junior talent
  • Our proven playbook for curriculum development
  • The benefits to your existing staff: developing a culture of mentorship
  • How to start small and plan big for junior talent development

Read more about the session here. And if you are going to be at DrupalCon Baltimore and would like to talk to me or Chris Bloom about fostering junior talent, please reach out and let us know: @illepic

Caitlin Loos

Caitlin Loos

Director of Creative Services