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An issue many people have had with Omega and Delta layouts is the inability to stack regions within a zone. Word on the street is a better solution for this is coming in Omega 4, but currently this is an issue for many Omega users, and has been an issue for us here at Phase2 on a few projects now.  To get around this in the past, we have used preprocess hooks to force regions into zones. (Technique described here: This approach was less than ideal for a number of reasons:

  • It broke off from what the user saw in the zone configuration UI
  • It was difficult to maintain or make changes to
  • It didn’t allow us to take advantage of Delta templates.

The main issue is that Omega will not allow you to add regions to a zone if the sum of the number of columns in all the regions in that zone exceed the maximum number of columns allowed in that zone. I wrote up a quick and dirty little module to disable the form validation that checks for this. For now you can clone or add it to your make file here:

But here’s the gist of it. We want to do a hook_form_alter() to get the Alpha settings form where the region and zone configuration is defined. From there we will change the validation callback to our own function. Below that we will define that function, which is copied from the Alpha source, and has the part that was going the column math removed.

Use this at your own risk! Omega validates this for a reason, and if you start cramming more regions into a zone than will fit, you might start to see some funky or unexpected layouts. But if you understand how CSS floats work, you can use this to your advantage.

If I get time in the future, I’d like to add the ability for this to also disable the auto-expansion of region widths when the surrounding regions are empty. This would give complete power to the themer to control region placement. Also it would be nice to add these as checkboxes in the settings form so this can be easily enabled/disabled for Delta templates.

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