A Demonstration of Drupal Language Translation

#Drupal | Posted

 Drupal has excellent translation capabilities available from the community, but weaving them all together can be bit difficult for those new to Drupal (and even for those that know Drupal, but aren't deeply immersed in language).  We've been building multilingual websites for a while at Phase2, and have wrapped up everything we've learned about Drupal language support to make it easier to set up the most common language needs.To show our approach, we put together a screencast showing translating content. In this demo, we  used a stock OpenPublic site and added Workbench and common drupal language modules and some of our own tools. The site you see, with all our stock OpenPublic demo content "translated", was put together in about an hour by one person. We didn't get to translating all our box titles and we left the interface in English, but this demo demonstrates how easy translating a menu, taxonomy, and content can be using Drupal.  It also shows how these translations can work nicely with popular Drupal modules like Workbench. 


Shawn Mole