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Customer Engagement Built With Drupal 8
October 4, 2017 |

So often in the enterprise software market, we see that one of the most pressing challenges companies face is scaling their online community support operations to match their explosive user growth.

A common factor in scaling success is always an emphasis on optimizing the user experience, design, and underlying technical architecture so that the entire digital support ecosystem is intuitive, fast, and consistent across touchpoints. And we are not talking about your traditional intranet portal. We’re talking about a digital support experience that is accessed from any device and provides a seamless brand experience across online and offline touchpoints.

A perfect example of this kind of community support  success can be found in the updated platform of our client, Workday. The Workday customer and partner community has grown to over 70,000 members in past two years - a 60% increase. In light of their rapid growth and evolving business needs, Workday worked with Phase2 to create an engaging community platform that supports and educates their customer community.

The updated platform built on Drupal 8, features topic forums,  product release information, quickly discover valuable resources, direct customer support access, and a custom “Brainstorm” feature so the customer community is empowered to influence Workday’s product roadmap.

Workday is an example of an ambitious organization that is leveraging open source to build powerful solutions with no licensing fees, the power of the Drupal development community, and a secure yet flexible core software that will scale with their business needs

Learn more about the Workday project here.

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