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Celebrating Women In Tech
April 2, 2020 |

At Phase2, women make up 41 percent of our employees. Throughout the month of March, we introduced you all to a few of our phenomenal team members through a series of social media posts where they answered different questions about their experiences as women in tech, and their hopes for women interested in technology. We are proud to support women in tech, and as Women’s History Month comes to a close, we would like to spotlight our incredible team members. See how each of them described their experiences in this industry, and what they would like to see in the future.  

How has being a woman in tech impacted you?

“As a third-generation-programmer-turned-engagement-leader, I find reassurance in the continuity of developing the next chapter of technologies that serve business needs. I've found much success and opportunity in the tech field helping clients clear blockers, and rising up to management where contributing to strategic decisions have greater and greater impact. This has come with some challenges along the way. There are several industries and business sectors that are historically led by alpha patriarchal types, and those leaders can be resistant or dismissive of a female perspective, of leaders with a softer skill set. It takes a thick skin, a bit of persistence, and a very strong will to stand your ground and rise to the challenge of working collaboratively with a wide range of personality types. This is the part of being in tech that I didn't anticipate, but it's helped me to become more empathetic and patient in all sorts of circumstances and pressured situations.” - Lori Barshinger, Project Manager

“Being a woman in tech has brought both positive and not-so-positive experiences. In this industry, it is popular to talk about women making a difference. However, once you sit in the seat, the environment is often to the contrary. I’ve had to become more inquisitive about how companies SHOW their values, to ensure that I’m not getting into a partnership that doesn’t back up their message with their culture.” - Emily White, VP, Marketing

“Now that I'm a greybeard, so to speak, it's a bit hard for me to distinguish my femaleness from my work. I feel like I “grew up” as a woman in tech, and I grew up with my colleagues and the technologies - we faced the learning curves that one does everywhere - small and large bugs, a lot of rollbacks, some refactoring, workarounds and hacks. Writing code for the Web in the 90s was harder than it is now. As the technologies have gotten better and more sophisticated, how we interact with each other has grown up too.” - Ellie Power, SVP, Delivery 

What is it like being a woman in tech at Phase2?

“For me, Phase2 is a place of comfort and opportunity. The work environment is unique in that it affords a flexible work environment and a strong, diverse leadership team. Balancing a family and a career is always a challenge, but Phase2 has truly owned this work-life balance part of our culture. It's not at all unusual to hop off a little early to attend a soccer practice or field trip. No need to hide a sick toddler who's home for the day from an internal teleconference call. We're a family, a community, and we're all humans with lives outside of work that sometimes spill over.  These same life-balancing women occupy all manner of roles at the company, from programmers and creatives, to influential leaders and strategists.” - Lori Barshinger, Project Manager

“It has been energizing to be in leadership as a woman at Phase2. Phase2’s focus on diversity and inclusion is not just talk, it’s action. The entire community values individual thoughts and ideas. Women have REAL opportunities here to make an impact.” - Emily White, VP, Marketing

“We have such a great supportive culture at Phase2, so I always feel supported. I am also surrounded with great women in every different department of the company - a rarity in the tech world.” - Felicia Haynes, VP of Account Services 

What would you like to see in the future for women in tech?
“I’d like to see more women step into the spotlight of day-to-day thought leadership. It doesn't matter if it’s managing a team or conference speakers, their voice and point-of-view is incredibly valuable and can help push the industry forward.” - Emily White, VP, Marketing

“I want to see us flourish and blossom, and see our numbers grow, especially in technical roles. We are so blessed in the tech industry, for the most part, with flexible hours, flexible work locations, and great benefits.” - Felicia Haynes, VP of Account Services 

One piece of advice for women interested in tech, or just starting out?

“Use your voice honestly and without apology. Having perspectives, opinions, and clear points of view is invaluable to contributing to the work you're doing and to your own success story. Each of us have unique experiences and knowledge sets; make sure yours are heard, and make what you are saying count.” - Lori Barshinger, Project Manager

“Be curious. Always be learning something new to further your craft.” - Emily White, VP, Marketing

“If you are interested in a career in tech - pursue it! This is a fantastic sector to work in. If you are just starting out, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and for what you need. Don’t be afraid to be direct and have an opinion. Don’t be afraid to be the first to step forward with bold new ideas. You’re in the right space to rock it.” - Felicia Haynes, VP of Account Services

“One of P2’s values is authenticity. We need our team members to be who they are, and we have worked hard to have a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, gender identities, ethnicities, and experiences in our team, because it makes us better. When you have a broader spectrum from which to draw your solutions, that’s just good business.” - Ellie Powers, SVP, Delivery 

If you are interested in becoming more involved with initiatives supporting women in tech, check out some of the organizations below!

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