BuilDesign Internship: Meet the Class of 2017

BuilDesign Internship: Meet the Class of 2017

Caitlin Loos, Director of Creative Services
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Core to the Phase2 culture are the values of teaching, sharing, and learning from each other. And one of the ways that value is realized is through our BuilDesign Internship program. This week, we are excited to welcome 12 new faces to the program. After a successful pilot program last year and three exceptional new hires, we have expanded to two coasts (Portland and DC), doubled our class size, and vastly expanded the scope of our curriculum. This program brings together interns and Phase2 employees from a variety of disciplines to share, teach, and learn together.

One of the most important things senior talent can do is train junior talent. This is core to the reason we do BuilDesign. The moment when mentor and intern work together and each learns from the other’s varied experience and insights – when experience and enthusiasm combine to create more than the sum of their parts – that is the powerful moment that spurs a perpetual stream of amazing talent rooted in the wisdom of our leaders.

BuilDesign class meeting

We had over 80 applicants for the program of which we interviewed 24 and hired 12. We are excited to have this group of talented people, we are energized by their appetite to learn and their own insights and perspectives, and we can’t wait to see what they can accomplish with our team’s help and guidance.

To be successful at our digital agency and solve our clients’ most challenging problems, we need to have a wide breadth of skills and understanding across all that we do – from design to development to product management to sales and beyond.

Over the next few months, we will report in on our interns’ progress and share some insights into:

  • Why we believe incubating junior talent is an important business decision
  • What the next generation of tech talent is looking for in top employers
  • How we built a curriculum that draws expertise from nearly one-third of our employees
  • Mentorship as a testing ground for training great managers
  • The best ideas and insights we learn from our intern class

For now, please help us welcome our BuilDesign 2017 class!

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Caitlin Loos

Caitlin Loos

Director of Creative Services