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Beyond Websites Resource Guide
April 9, 2018 |

In the talk that I gave this morning at DrupalCon Nashville, Beyond Websites: The Digital Experience Platform, I discussed how for the last 20 years, organizations from all industries and sizes have focused their attention on building the perfect website (usually led by IT and powered of course by the perfect CMS). The Drupal community was built up and supported by these ambitions. But a new landscape has emerged. Simply building websites is no longer sufficient for any leading business or organization to provide a complete, compelling, and modern digital customer experience.

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Organizations who want to succeed today have no choice but to think beyond websites towards creating robust digital experience platforms (DXPs); funded by Marketing, driven by knowledge of the customer journey, and powered by the explosion of non-browser channels and the new ecosystems of SaaS, Martech, and Microservices.

This new landscape brings with it the ability to monitor, analyze and control the customer journey which the Marketing department expects. But it also raises many questions about the right way to go about creating this hybrid solution. And it also requires a broad omnichannel technology understanding, robust UX aptitude, and the capabilities to select, customize, and integrate from a dizzying number of different systems that must be woven into the customer experience.

Below you will find links to the Phase2 resources that I referenced in my talk. As always, feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss how your organization can move beyond websites.

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