Become an Accessibility Ninja at Twin Cities Drupal Camp!

Catharine McNally, Accessibility Lead
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This spring, I noticed a common trend: I was reporting the same accessibility issues over and over on different projects for a different set of developers.

Most often the project managers or developers response was:

"I wish I knew that in the beginning!"

The challenge is I can't be in every project in the beginning to set the project up right for accessibility. So I set out to fix that by outlining six early decisions that project managers and developers can make to set up for accessibility success. By following these guidelines, the teams can eliminate the frustration of having to undo development or come up with workarounds to fulfill accessibility requirements, which ultimately save time and budget!

I'll be presenting these "six early decisions" at Twin Cities Drupal Camp (June 20) and CapitalCamp DC (June 26):

"Choose This, Not That: Six Early Decisions to Make You an Accessibility Ninja

1. How do I include an accessible map?

2. What multimedia players should I use?

3. What do I do about color contrast?

4. How do I make this website friendly to screen readers?

5. Is there a more accessible image rotator I can use?

6. How do I make navigation work best?

I can't wait to meet those of you who attend. Please do come let me know what YOU wish you knew before you started development, and we can start a sequel!

And don't stop the accessibility party there, join me and other accessibility warriors on Sunday, July 21st for a Drupal 8 accessibility sprint.  Dharmesh Mistry and Jesse Beach will be leading this sprint with the goal of creating a prioritized list of accessibility issues in Drupal 8, based on prior accessibility testing.  This list will then be tackled by Drupal experts to optimize the user experience for everyone. Come join us on July 21st at The Nerdery.

Catharine McNally

Catharine McNally

Accessibility Lead