Are You An Intranet Dinosaur?

Annie Stone, Marketing Strategist
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If you think you might be an intranet dinosaur, just ask yourself a few revealing questions...

1. Does adding information to your intranet seem pointless because no one can wade through all the outdated junk to find your useful information?

2. Is the most visited page on your intranet the cafeteria menu?

3. Ok be honest now, does your intranet have 90's clipart on it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might just be an intranet dinosaur.


But don't worry,we'll help you stampede out of the intranet stone age!

Karen Borchert

's article on the subject was recently published on CMSWire where she tactfully lays out the intranet dinosaur warning signs and relates best practices for improving and building intranets that your employees, staff, and colleagues will use and even enjoy.

So check out “Is Your Intranet Stuck in the Stone Age?” on CMSWire and evolve your intranet strategy.  And if you are looking for even more intranet tough love, check out Karen and Carlos Ruiz's webinar:

Your Employees Hate Your Intranet...But They Don’t Have to! 8-27-14 8.31 AM from Phase2 on Vimeo.

Annie Stone

Annie Stone

Marketing Strategist