Announcing Phase2’s 2015 DrupalCon Lineup

Announcing Phase2’s 2015 DrupalCon Lineup

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It’s about that time of year again. DrupalCon 2015 is fast approaching, and all of us at Phase2 are busily planning events, sessions, and of course travel to Los Angeles! We are excited to announce that the Phase2 team will be represented on several session tracks this year. Here’s a rundown of what we’ll be presenting in LA.


Business & Strategy

As CEO Jeff Walpole discussed in his blog post earlier this week, we’re really excited about the power and potential of D8 for enterprise organizations. At DrupalCon, CTO Frank Febbraro and Head of Strategic Accounts Michael Le Du will be joined by our client Evan Liebman of Memorial Sloan Kettering to discuss why the cancer center decided to adopt D8 while it was still in its beta state. They’ll examine MSK’s experience implementing one of the first major D8 platforms in the U.S. and explain why all enterprises should seriously be considering a move to D8. Don’t miss: Drupal 8, Don’t Be Late (Enterprise Orgs, We’re Looking at You).

Site Building

Software Architect Mike Potter will demo the latest version of the Features module in his session Features for Drupal 8. He’ll delve into the architecture of Features in D8, how Features integrates with D8 CMI and other modules, and when and how to override Features. Learn how, in D8, Features returns to its original purpose of bundling functionality rather than just managing configuration.

The popular Drupal is Not Your Website session returns with Software Architect Tobby Hagler, who explores how to build a Drupal website that will interoperate with other web components, live behind CDNs, and make heavy use of caching layers, yet still maintain a positive custom user experience. In essence, the Drupal CMS you are building is not actually the “thing” that Web users are directly looking at; Drupal is not your website. Check out this primer for a sneak peak.


Want to use Drupal Grunt Tasks on your next project? Stop by Director of Engineering Joe Turgeon’s session, Using Grunt to Manage Drupal Build and Testing Tools. Grunt is a well-supported and flexible JavaScript-based task runner. Building on his 2014 BADCamp talk, Joe will demonstrate the free and open-source Grunt Drupal Tasks project, which provides a set of common tasks related to building and testing Drupal sites.

User Experience Design

At Phase2, we do things a little differently when it comes to design. Join Senior Designer Joey Groh, Developer Evan Lovely, and Developer Micah Godbolt of the Sass Bites podcast to discover The New Design Workflow. The panel, representing some of Phase2’s most experienced designers and front-end devs, will provide an inside look at our best practices, tips and tricks, as well as an overview of some of our most successful co-design projects. Plus, hear us weigh in how Drupal 8 will interface with your favorite front-end tools like PatternLab.

Coding & Development

As part of the Coding & Development track, Senior Developer Joshua Turton will present How, When & Why to Patch a Module. Ever find a module that does 98% of what you need it to do, and there's no way to make it do that last 2%? Ever need to fix a bug in a module you've run into, but you're the only one who's ever had this problem? You need a patch - and to attend this session.

Plus, another must-see session: Jose Eduardo García Torres, CTO at Anexus IT (a Phase2 partner), will give a talk called Speeding Up Drupal 8 Development Using Drupal Console.

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